2013 uniting The Devil´s Violinist and the Disney Fan



David & Judith´s SONG

it does not work. I will add the blog entries in the next "Submission" and tell you some more News:

Yesterday I "bought all of Langendreer": a Hotelroom for Frankfurt (9.-11. April), I bought Food, Sweets, Coca Cola,

I bought a satchel looking like an Audi(o) cassette: Oh, I SAW a lot of Audi´s, Golfs and Mazda´s ... all white, like David´s Porsche.

And I bought a lot of books, pens and Mozart-Books. The book "Macht mal Musik" begins with Maestro´s Foreword. That is the only thing in print from me as well: Sandra Anklam Theaterpsychologie

2013 was the last time I attended a wedding (the first time I had a great party with Sarah, after I tried stealing her birthday money in 2011 (that meant: "You forgot me: I need love, money and Warmth too. Not only Sarah. I would have published Bestselles by now, If you had not cut my wings, as King Stefan did to the Beautiful Maleficent.


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