In The Shoes of a Manic: What Support Looks Like #Bipolar



A Good Support Network when Dealing with Mental Illness can Make all the Difference #OCPD #Bipolar #Anxiety #Depression


I can’t begin to understand how that would make you feel,

but I promise we don’t think

that you are loosing your mind.


What you have dealt with and are dealing with isn’t easy.


I personally think you are a strong and courageous woman.:)


Anja, you weren’t/don’t eat,

can’t sleep,

and I don’t know…


I agree 100% that you aren’t broken

and it’s your choice to do as you please.


However, sometimes we have to take medicine

to help maintain or improve our quality of life.


It’s not about fixing someone

but enabling them to lead a healthier life.


I can’t even imagine:/


Are you okay?


No joke, you’re very special Anja:)

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