Fitting Into Stripy Land



This story never got written. After using a Stripyland story to help with one of my daughter's friends. I am glad I didn't let this story set fade into the black hole that many unwritten stories do.

In Stripy Land everybody is stripy and everybody has their stripy way of doing things.
Even their shopping was stripy!

One day a non-stripy person called Penny came to town; she was a solid pink colour.
Penny went for a walk into Stripy Town. Since she was a solid pink colour, she sort of stuck out. Everyone in town had never seen a non-stripy person before.

They were whispers, some just stared at her. Penny felt very much out of place. She felt it more when two Stripy boys came past on their stripy bikes laughing and singing, “No stripes, she has no stripes!”

Penny was upset. She ran home to hide inside her stripy house.

Molly, the stripy girl next door, had seen Penny running into her house.

Molly went to Penny’s house, and found her crying. Molly asked Penny why she was crying. Penny told Molly that she went into town and everyone made her feel unwelcome. Molly gave Penny a hug.
The next day Molly and Penny went walking through the Stripy Park, everybody saw them walking together.

That night Molly threw a party and everybody came to meet Penny. They found that she was fun to be with and was as good as any stripy person after all, even if she was solid pink.

After that Penny liked living in Stripy Land.

P.S. You should give people a chance even if they are a solid colour!



foot note.

This story is based on a little girl I knew. She went to the same kindergarten with my daughter. Then both girl went to the same primary school together, along with the other kids at the kindergarten. Anyway, I had came to the school early, when I found my daughter's friend crying. At this point in time which was December of 2011, I wasn't sure if I wanted let alone if my idea of a world of Stripy people had a place in the world. until that day, when I used this exact story to cheer up a little girl.

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