Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 19



Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 19 – Common Ground 14 By: Khandker Habib Ahmed (All rights are reserved by the author) (Consecutively after last section)   It took until 3 p.m. for all to finish the lunch at Gulshan&rsq...

Untold Words of Mr. Knot: Democracy in Stories 19 – Common Ground 14

By: Khandker Habib Ahmed

(All rights are reserved by the author)

(Consecutively after last section)


It took until 3 p.m. for all to finish the lunch at Gulshan’s residence on that day. Then, they exchanged greetings before taking leave and heading for their respective homes. The families of Mr. Knot and Imrul also came from there. Imrul dropped Mr. Knot and his family members at his East Bronx residence. Gulshan did not, however, forget about that second ‘step’ of her first ‘task’ (finding a common ground) for establishing the streamlined democracy in Bangladesh. That’s why she called Mr. Knot over the phone right next day.

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, how are you?

Mr. Knot: Hi, Gulshan, I am fine. How about you?    

Gulshan: I am fine. But I do not know when I can meet you again to talk about that second

               ‘step’, Mr. Knot.

Mr. Knot: Why not you come tomorrow, Gulshan?

Gulshan: Where should I meet you?

Mr. Knot: Come to Bronx Criminal Court, room no. 305 located on the third floor …

Gulshan: Why there?

Mr. Knot: For attendance in a case lodged against me…

Gulshan: Why? What is that case for? Is it true that you have a case against you? What is your


Mr. Knot: Let’s meet together. Then, we’ll talk…..I guess the case will end tomorrow…at 10

                 a. m. be there..

Gulshan: Alright, Mr. Knot, I will be there then…

(Mr. Knot and Gulshan arrived at the court premise right at 10 a.m. Defense counsel hired for Mr. Knot by the government is also present right at that moment. Mr. Knot got an acquittal in the case. Later, Mr. Knot and Gulshan came out of the court room to buy foods from a nearby McDonald’s shop and sat on an open bench built on the green lawn near the Yankee Stadium.)

Gulshan: Yes, Mr. Knot, what was this lawsuit for? How did you get acquitted of it? Why did

you tell me to be present right at the court room? It appeared to me that you issued a subpoena as if you were a magistrate working at the Bagerhat Collectorate of Bangladesh. Hah-ha-hah---I just made a joke, Mr. Knot….

Mr. Knot: You can do so, it doesn’t matter to me. An innocent person would be acquitted, right?

There might be some good or bad things, more or less of them in human lives. But I do not have any record of conviction in any criminal offense. Further, I have called you right to the court because I would like to teach you lessons on democracy in actual run-through. I am sure you know that the court is a place for legal wrangling and the democracy talks about that law.

Gulshan: Even so, you have to tell me what was this litigation for?

Mr. Knot: Of course, I will tell you. With the subject matter of this lawsuit and the outcome of it,

I will explain you the second ‘step’ of the first ‘task’ (finding a common ground) as mentioned earlier. I have already told you about the first ‘step’ (building consensus on unresolved national issues) of this first ‘task’, right?

Gulshan: Yes, you did, Mr. Knot. Now, you talk about the second ‘step’ then.

Mr. Knot: (Holding out the packet of McDonald’s) Here is your food, McChicken, Latte drinks

and Crispy Chicken Sandwich, take it. Let the democracy move forward while we’re eating….

Gulshan: Thank you, Mr. Knot. Surely, you’re a man full of humor, not it? Ha-ha-hah…..Then,

                what will be the second ‘step’?

Mr. Knot: The second ‘step’ of this task will be to emphasize on the practice of law and rights

                 everywhere so that a rule-based society could be framed in Bangladesh.

Gulshan: Yes, we’re putting emphasis on it. In many of my political speeches, I told people to

‘go by the law’. Nonetheless, I do not see anything that I expect. It’s a problem, Mr. Knot, not it?. People do not like to go by the law; they only look for escapes to gain.  

Mr. Knot: Hah-ha-hah…, Gulshan. You made me laugh. Listen, people will look for escapes to

gain whenever they can find it.  How many people are there like your Mr. Knot? This is the bizarreness of the people. Even the people of the developed world look for such escapes as mentioned. However, they are made to go by the rules.

Gulshan: But how they are made so?

Mr. Knot: You do not understand, it’s very simple…Did you not hear the word ‘hook’?

Gulshan: What did you say, Mr. Knot? Are you talking about the ‘hook’ for catching fish? Do

                you want to kill people by entwining the ‘hooks’ in their throats?

Mr. Knot: Oh-ho- no…Gulshan! Please do not go ahead of my talks. It is like catching fish for

                  the most part, but certainly not killing people. Make a pledge right now by reciting

                 ‘towbaa’ (a declaration or avowal of faith) so you do not talk about killing people


Gulshan:     ‘Towbaa’…spit…spit… (thukku…thukku..)… I will never talk about killing people,

                     Mr. Knot? Do you know that I had a heat-beat when you told me to recite


Mr. Knot: Calm down, Gulshan. Actually, with the word ‘hook’, I meant a tactic to bring people

under the legal compliance just as the fish caught in a hook you use for it. This tactic is needed to bring people under control   so they obey the rules. I already told you that people look for escapes. This hook will help us to emphasize on the practice of law and rights everywhere. Alright, can you tell me why did I tell you long ago to issue national identity cards to the people?  

Gulshan: Why, Mr. Knot?

Mr. Knot: It is that ‘hook’…ha-ha-ha-ha…. , a technique to bring people under the practice of

                  law. Do you see how useful that ID card is? Is life getting easy?

Gulshan: Yes, it is, Mr. Knot.

Mr. Knot: Let me tell you more. Most people in Dhaka city do not use foot-over-bridge to cross

the busy roads. Instead, they take the risk of life to run in front of the vehicles in motion. We need a ‘hook’ there. Also, people throw garbage here and there to pollute the environment or they throw polythene bags scattered to cause water-logging. We need ‘hooks’ in those cases too. Do you understand now?

 Gulshan: I understand. But, what will those ‘hooks’? Can you describe?

Mr. Knot: I will tell you Gulshan…a little later…

(To be continued)

[Disclaimer: A Few Words for the Esteemed Readers: The character(s)in this writing is (are) fictitious. They have no real existence. In addition, the main character, Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteemed readers in light of the real situation. Again, either in the dialogues of the characters or in the events, at least an issue, petite or hefty, has been unfolded with its proper description, scope and in-depth analysis along with a signal for likely solution, if possible, to it. If any reader has a dissension, other opinion, comment or suggestion, he or she may please inform the writer by an e-mail message or on Face Book or skype. My skype ID is: Khandker.ahmed898. The e-mail address is: khandkera0565@gmail.com. Because the characters are fictitious, whatever the description or analysis thereto, there is no reason of contempt for any person or party.  Therefore, I request the valued readers to count all explanations or explorations herein as merely an academic pursuit or from a research perspective. Thank you. Khandker Habib Ahmed, August 12, 2016, Bronx, New York]


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