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You may call me a liar,

But the truth is I only lie for you.

You may call me a thief, 

But I onlying steal from you.

You may call me crazy,

But your the psychotic one.

So why do I lie? Why do I Steal?  Why am I crazy? 

I lie to protect you you from my life, from who I really am.

I steal to impress you, to shower you with gifts.

I am crazy because of you, every detail,  every day, anything you do or have done. 

So, what's the biggest lie I've told? 

Greatest thing I Stole? 

What made me the Craziest? 

The biggest lie I've told it's calling you beautiful. 

You're not beautiful,  no where close. You're gorgeous.

What have I stolen?

Time, time to be alone and talk to you, be with you.

What make me the Crazy? 

You, I'm crazy for you. 

I'm crazy about how kind, sweet, gentle, tough,caring  and creative you are.

This is who I am for you and only you. 

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