The Bringer of Words



A story of Hope, Inspiration, and people coming together

"the bringer of words"

I watched in awe as the story came to life in front of me, I was living, breathing and dreaming a day of beauty, for in front of me,,was a sight I had not seen in many years, there were smiles on peoples faces, and complete strangers greeted each other with a good morning,,the profoundness behind these actions are something I will hold dear for to lay the past to rest and pick up an instrument of change,,from a paint brush, to a musical instrument, to ink and parchment to telling a joke to someone in need, or simply finding a way to be felt,,through the imagery speaking volumes, the sounds transcending space and time and the actions creating a new medium of art, as actions turn,, poetic, and the music sets the pace, and the words bring the people together,,

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