Be Real Or Suffer



A piece from my new book called Be Real Or Suffer


       Everywhere I moved this bitch was right there, breathing his stank ass breath in my damn face. Man, his face looked familiar, and once my drunken eyes adjusted, I knew exactly who this trifling muthafucka was. He didn't recognize me, he couldn't have. Not to be following me around the club as comfortable as he was. He was a slime ball, and the worst kind. He was now older and overweight, but I could never forget that fucking face. He was a sick predator. He was so laid back when he walked over to me and said, "Hey Miss Lady. You fine as wine and I want to taste you girl." He said while licking his nasty as tongue out Like he was about to suck on some pussy. I didn't want to dance with his lame line having ass, and when he stuck his tongue out, it smelled like he had a mouth full of dirty earring backs sitting in it. Stank-mouth ass!


      I couldn't believe this bitch boy had the audacity to follow me around, then walked up to me, like he was going to get some play. I laughed in his face and said, "check this shit out homeboy. Why don't you go home, brush your tongue, rinse your mouth out, come back and holla at a bitch that's going to fall for them week as lines you spitting." That pushed a button because that fool reached all the way back to New Mexico, and slapped a couple muthafuckas up out my ass. That's what you don't do. I reached down into the crack of my titties, pulled a blade out of my bra, and swiped it across the left side, of the crack of his mouth, and said, "smile bitch." Blood began to leak from his face as he grabbed for his mouth, and I said, "you fucked with me on the wrong night. Never put your hands on a fucking lady. Get your fat, funky ass away from me before I cut the other side of your mouth. Then I leaned in and said, " you was a nasty pervert then and you still nasty."


      Saucy ran up and grabbed ole boy. Security came rushing in and Miycah was right behind them. He whispered something in Saucy's ear, and they dragged dude to the back. When Miycah turned to me I said, "I don't need you saving me. I can take care of myself. I didn't need you rescuing me back then, and I don't need you rescuing me now." 


      He was heated at what I said. He grabbed my arm and said, "you know what woman? You to be quiet because you drunk, and you're talking to much." 


       I began to see threes, and I knew that was it for me. I sat on the bar stool, and laid my head down. I could hear Miycah telling Amina, "I'm driving her home. She hella drunk, and I know you came with Saucy"


      My sister came over and kissed the back of my and said, "you still a crazy bitch. I taught you well. I'll call and check on you in the morning." That was all I remember after that.




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