There are four sorts of love in our life: the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter. You may call them the seasons of love but I call this story the 4th stage of love. What's your stage?


There are four sorts of love in our life: the spring one, with its innocence, sometimes warm, sometimes tepid, and full of hope like the flowers that unbutton. We listen the birds singing even when they do not sing. This is the love which the single sin is being naïve, we blindly believe in the person and not for few times we get disappointed with him or her, then the summer love comes next, warm, possessive, sex 24 hours per day and If we make and stand it, like John and Yoko, this is that one that you kill in the illogical and sudden reaction of the anger. 99% sex and 1% of the rest. Usually the men’s working head is the low one, not the upper one and then comes the adultery, many children, divorce, etc…

Afterwards, like a calm and ease sea, comes the autumn. We want more a faithful companion. We have two ears to listen to and one mouth to speak less, sex on the right measure, more comprehension and less discussion.

In my opinion, the perfect love is the winter one. This one happens when we have passed through the largest part of deceptions of other loves and we have got experienced, the comprehension worth much more, to listen to the other, the sex is truth, it decreases as the time goes by, but surely you will have besides a husband, a friend and companion for all occasions. It is a pity this love is so perfect, but it lasts a short time, because we hit the maturity with it. We acquire patience, tolerance and we love fully, no defects, because more than everything is our companion, it is a total complicity, it is when we arrive to the plenitude of love, that is why it is so short, because it is so perfect and all perfection lasts a short period.

In the end we already are beaten, we suffered and got disappointed. The good thing would be the absence of the perfection of the winter and the follies of the summer, that it was autumn where we could be lovers and accomplices. In other words, the spring love sins by the naïveté, not for virtue, not because of the innocence in thinking we know everything and we know nothing, we’ve barely took out our diapers. In the summer love, we sin due to the excess because everything is exaggerated. The spring love for me is the perfect one, because If we know how to drive it we arrive in the winter love, where usually we sin for its short period of lasting because we are old and the illness make us companionship. It is so perfect that when someone from the couple pass away the other goes right behind, think well, we are talking about true love.

This is a weekly saga in which I am going to talk about with real examples, but the worst of all of them is do not know any of them.


Katia Paes


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