From the 4th book, At 185,000 BCE, Amun has a vision



At 185,000 BCE, Amun has a vision

He lay alone that night in an underground chamber. His mother warned Eudosia against sleeping with him so soon. Looking at the ceiling, he examined the curved lattice work of carbon fibers in supporting structures. Arched, narrow, piping arranged in organic patterns, supported rooms above. He heard his mother and Eudosia laughing.

He was less than a year old, but his education encompassed hundreds of cultures, languages, and modes of spirituality. His body was that of a young man, but, in some ways he was still a child. Via mechanisms that downloaded memories of Tayamni living thousands of years earlier, he would know, intellectually, how to respond to emotional stimuli. But he didn’t understand the responses. He had little practical experience of feelings. Emotional information from downloads would be revealed slowly, some of it, in dreams.

He turned on his side, trying not to pay attention to female laughter above. He thought of Tayamni Station, of the work that had been done that day. Supportive beams were in place. Energy boards, absorbing sunlight during the day, were fully charged. Tomorrow, bots would begin creating and mounting external panels and flooring. In two days, the structure would be habitable.

He thought of the surrounding landscape, of small lakes and creeks, of grasslands, of thin forests. He thought of the stream in the image Eudosia sent. He saw the bodies of murdered humans, the expressions on their faces, the eyes of some still open, seeing a threat no longer present.

As he drifted to sleep, he saw them, lying where they fell. But now, their open eyes pleaded. They begged him. He imagined washing their wounds, giving them water. But, they lay there, expressions unchanged, unresponsive and lifeless.

He sat on a rock near the stream with his head in his hands, powerless to prevent what happened. He imagined their fear, their pain. A light flashed in front. Moving his hands, opening his eyes, he saw the dark figure of a man, his eyes glowing like yellow topaz.

He sat onboard the Tayamni Mothership, at the Anubis temple, as he had done on the long voyage from Mussara to Earth. He looked up at a tall, shining statue. Materials of the figure reflected yellows and blues, glistening. The statue, part man, part beast, radiated benevolence and the certainty of what will come, of journeys not yet taken. The head bent down to look at him, eyes glowing like jewels. Amun looked into those eyes, feeling his energy, feeling the finality of things. Anubis, Anpu of the First Ones, of those who came to Mussara in ancient times to bring life, to teach Love.

He looked around, and saw that he was again at the stream, sitting on the rock. The dead humans began to stir, to struggle, and to stand. They looked away from Amun, and towards the God with eyes of topaz. He gestured for Amun to come, to join with the humans as they followed. They all walked towards Anubis, towards an opening in the rock behind them, towards the mouth of the cavern, the entrance to the underworld.



Amun saw then that this planet, like all planets has its own evil, its own goodness, its own spiritual gifts. This planet gave life and took it away. It sustained the living, and condemned the dead. Anpu, Anubis, would show him. He would guide Amun, as he guided these humans to their fates.

The God turned around to them. They heard his voice,


“I spent yesterday among the First Ones.

I have cleared the vision of those who see.

I have opened the circle of darkness.

I am one with THEM.

I know those who live in the holy place.

We inherit the harpoon, the harpoon that is death

He of the red cloth, will transform himself into woman.

She will be stripped in the temple.

She will become holy, the high-priestess of men.”


They walked to a stone circle on which a beam of light shone from above. There appeared in the beam of light, a great beast, a devourer, a female beast, part Crocodile, part Lion, part Hippopotamus. Amun knew, she would consume those who commit evil. She was guilt, the destroyer, she who will devour from within those who harm the innocent, those who practice greed, those who kill for profit, those who steal from the poor. She would sit in their hearts and consume their souls.

Amun opened his eyes, gasping for air, covered with perspiration on the cot underground. He brought his hand to his face. He knew something now, something he did not know before, a wordless gift of knowledge.

He knew something that could not be expressed, something that could only be felt.

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