I Honor the Place Within . . .

I will meet each day bravely
meeting and welcoming each challenge . . .
accepting each blessing
as well as each lesson.
I will remember
life is one long exercise in letting go
and remind myself to not resist change.
I will let go of fear
finding my faith in the truth which reveals
in spite of my every effort to have more,
and regardless of every worry concerning too little,
in the face of every counsel on how much was necessary . . .
no matter how it measured to what others had around me . . .
I have always had enough . . .
and therefore
I always will.
I will choose to live in contentment,
securing myself in the certainty
there are no setbacks in life . . . 
that everything happens for a reason
for there is purpose to everything
and I am no exception.
So I will keep my eyes focused forward
for opportunities to make better choices
and cry no more tears
looking upon all that was lost or left behind me.
In the span of a season
trophies may rust,
accounts may dwindle,
castles crumble
and paths separate,
but with any combination
of fortune, determination and will
all can be restored in short order
but no second of the time we spend
can ever be refunded . . .
So I will remind myself
when tempted with anger,
burdened with sadness,
shadowed by depression
or bound by guilt or shame
that these are poor investments of time
to which I have no obligation
and so choose not to embark
upon those destinations.
I will acquiesce to improvement and realize
no matter what disaster yesterday may have seemed
if I am alive and awake today
then I am not down and out.
If I am alive and awake today 
I am rising up from something
and so shall stand firm one more day
each day forward
one day at a time.
I will make every effort
to embody peace,
seek out and find inspiration,
lift, encourage and inspire those around me,
engage, overcome,
and rise above everything
speeding toward me. . .
but most of all
I will be kind to myself
and to others,
never forgetting to rest
and recognize the beauty found in simple moment
of what is called life.

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