Aftermath. Chapter 4 Unpublished.



On the eve of my sister's wedding I lay awake...but it was remarkably quiet...

Aftermath, a true story.

On the eve of my sister's wedding I lay awake waiting...but it was remarkably quiet, a little too quiet for my liking. This would be the last night we would all be together. Our close-knit family would leave one by one, I felt a stab of sadness inside.

I looked over to where her bridal gown hung. The iridescent coloured lights bounced off her veil that was cascading down the closet door reminding me of angel wings shimmering with their magical rainbow of light, as the moonlit sky shone through our little sash window. The rosary that hung on the closet door the tell-tale sign of our brush with evil was out of sight, hidden by her glorious gown of taffeta and lace. I fell to sleep not noticing the veil flutter from where it hung suspended high ready to make its grand performance.

With one twin down how would the other cope with the long nights that lay ahead?


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