Aftermath. Chapter seven...



Stranger in the night...

   1973... When told where I was found and the state I was found in I was in a daze, and in a state of shock. The angels must have been with me that night...My head hurt terribly. My right ear was swollen and bruised. I never spoke all the time I was being bathed I felt dirty and ashamed.

  Tucking me into bed they never spoke, either. They left me alone, but I wasn't frightened. I embraced being in the folds of my family again. I looked for the rosary and remembered they had been flung and broken. It was lying in the dressing table drawer in pieces.

  "Just like me," I thought. "Broken and in pieces." Wot was happening to us our lives was surrounded with such evil..." All I remembered was a man asking me if I was all right: And then nothing I had been attacked from behind. Things like that didn't happen to us you read about them in newspapers...

later that year Amy dropped a bombshell, announcing to my out-raged Mum and Dad that she was pregnant. I didn't know if it was a way to get away from the farm. But the attacks on Amy still continued. They were relentless and unforgiving even though we were more vigilant, with her being pregnant: I can't begin to tell you what it's like seeing and hearing your sister's plea for help. I couldn't wait for her to get married so she could escape, even though it would leave Joy and me up there.

  "Who would be its next little toy?" I wondered.

  The answer. "One of us."  My older sister Ann was in a serious relationship that would have her staying at her fella's house on regular occasions, leaving Amy to face the night's events alone. And it was on one Saturday night during the power cuts that Ann came storming through the living room, with her boyfriend not far behind, and it wasn't long before he came storming down the stairs — looking worse now than when he did when he stormed in. He couldn't get out quick enough. And then we heard a very pitiful Ann, announcing something that had the whole house up on their feet... "Daaad...Bed's on fire." The flames were licking the sides of the bed from beneath: the pans of water that were being passed up were nearly empty by the time they reached the top. For the first time we wished it would rain: the hole in the roof was big enough to put out a bonfire. 

One good thing to come out of the fire was that fire supposedly rids you from spirits. I don't know if that's true. For the first time we felt alone. On waking the following morning, you would have thought the air would be thick and heavy with residue: instead it felt light, and surprisingly cleansed. It felt heaven was shining on us from above.

  "I think its gone, I turned to Joy and said. It felt as if a miracle had taken place.

  "Do yer think so...?" Her reply was hesitant. "It feels different. Don't yer think so?" Turning my head, I smiled at a new dawn that shone through our little sash window.


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