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Everyone in the village hidden in the leaves believes that the 4th Hokage and his family died on the night Nine-Tails attacked the village, but one little girl did survive. Miku who was adopted into the Yamanaka clan to protect her. This is her story.


                                                      Naruto Alternate


                                      Volume 1: The Girl with Two Names

Chapter 1: Nine Tails

Chapter 2: A Night at Yukuniku Q

Chapter 3: A Sister's Heart

Chapter 4: A Wolf and her Patient

Chapter 5: Team Kakashi

Chapter 6: Silver Bells

Chapter 7: Pass or Fail?



                                   Volume 2: In the Land of Waves

Chapter 8: A Troublesome Client

Chapter 9: Hidden in the Mist

Chapter 10: The Shinobi Hunter

Chapter 11: The Courage to Move Past Fear

Chapter 12: A Sound plan

Chapter 13: Now We See Through a Mirror, Darkly....

Chapter 14: ... But Then Face to Face



                                 Volume 3: Hime-Shika-Cho

Chapter 15: All Roads...

Chapter 16: ... Blessed by Caissa



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