Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 3



In the last chapter, both Rohan and James avoided meeting God and learned about their newfound powers. In this chapter, they meet God and learn about their mission. They even receive their very own Angelon morpher.

Chapter 3


Rohan woke up to a beautiful morning. The sun shined brightly and the birds sang cheerfully. Rohan yawned loudly as he got out of bed. He looked at his 2015 calendar and saw that there were only three more months until summer break. He put on his lounge pants and a t-shirt and headed towards the kitchen. There, he found James already eating breakfast.

“Morning, sleeping beauty,” James said, acknowledging Rohan’s presence.

“Morning,” Rohan muttered. “You’re up early.”

“I couldn’t sleep a wink.”

“You too? It was like there was a voice calling out to me, or something. Hey, did your mark glow too?”

“It did. You don’t think it was God trying to talk to us?”

Rohan shook his head. “I really don’t know.”

“I’m starting to wonder if we were meant to go with that Mihr kid. I mean, what if God actually wanted to talk to us and we blew Him off? That goes on our Heavenly record, you know?”

Rohan laughed. “Dude, I think God understands how scared we were back there. If God really wanted us, He’d send that Mihr kid to our dorm right now to retrieve us.”

As if on cue, a strange light blinded the room. The light faded and revealed Mihr, standing next to the window. Rohan’s jaw dropped.

“Dude, never mess with God,” James said.

“You guys are coming with me,” Mihr replied. “God wants to speak with you two, pronto.”

Rohan hesitated. Although he had an idea of what he was getting himself into, he still was scared. James grabbed Rohan’s arm.

“Dude, let’s just go. God wouldn’t go through all this trouble if it wasn’t important.”

Rohan slowly nodded and looked at Mihr. “Lead the way.”

Mihr grabbed both their hands. Instantly, they disappeared.



A gentle breeze blew across the desert floor as a bright light instantly appeared. Rohan and James found a nearby boulder and began to hurl. It was their first time experiencing teleportation and they proved to have weak stomachs. Mihr chuckled as he waited for them to finish. Rohan and James wiped their mouths and followed Mihr to the entrance. They looked up and realized they were about to enter a building similar to an observatory.

“I need you two to focus,” Mihr replied. “We are about to enter the base and I need you to stay close. We don’t exactly get mortals in here.”

“We got it,” James said, rubbing his head.

The building was three stories tall with large rooms inside. The first floor was the lobby and cafeteria. Three receptionists greeted everyone that entered and a large map hung to the left of them. To the right were four elevators that were always occupied. The second floor held many training rooms. Each room was reinforced to protect the first and third floors, as well as to give anyone full reign of their power. The third floor held the library and several classrooms. The library took up the majority of the floor and held every book (actually, compressed files of books) known and unknown to man.

Rohan and James took a moment to watch all the angels bustle through the lobby. They smiled and quickly followed Mihr to the nearest elevator.

“So, which floor?” James asked.

“B4,” Mihr answered, opening a secret panel.

He placed his hand over the hand scanner. The scanner acknowledged his ID and proceeded to head downward. Minutes later, the elevator stopped and slid its doors open. Rohan and James eyes widened as they slowly walked out the elevator.

B4 was the control center. Inside, a large monitor hung to the front of the floor with many workstations surrounding it in a semi-circle. To the rear were several research and development rooms and a large meeting room.

Rohan and James followed Mihr towards the front. They could feel the other angels stare at them as they slowly approached a large circular object in the middle of the floor. Instantly, object glowed and a picture of a man’s face appeared. He had tan skin, brown hair and dark brown eyes.

“Is that…?” Rohan asked nervously.

“Yes, it is I, God,” answered God with a smile.

“Wait a minute,” James asked confusedly, “this can’t be God. How come we didn’t explode? You said that no mortal could see God’s face. Clearly, this isn’t God’s face because I ain’t dead.”

Mihr sighed. “You simpleton, this is a hologram of God in a form you mortals can comprehend. Did I not say that only spirits can enter Heaven? We are still on Earth. In order for God to speak to you and not destroy you with His greatness, we constructed this device.”

“Now, now, Mihr,” God replied calmly. “You can’t expect them to fathom the path that has been laid out for them. After all, Rohan wants to own his own business while James is stuck between being a lawyer like his Dad and being a minister like his Uncle.”

Rohan and James stood there in amazement. They never once mentioned anything about their passions to Mihr, yet God knew their heart’s desire. Doubts of God’s existence had washed away. After all, not everyone gets a chance to meet the Almighty God, especially like this. Yet, Rohan still felt confused as to what this meeting was about.

“Look, God, why are we here?” Rohan asked with the utmost respect.

God looked at Rohan. “To preserve the lives I’ve created.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Do you read the Bible?”

“A few times, I guess.”

“Do you know of Revelation?”

Rohan paused. “I know of it, but read a chapter or two.”

“Rohan, God’s talking about the Second Coming of Christ,” James interrupted. “See, the book of Revelation was written because an angel was sent to John to record the prophecy of the end times so that Christians could be prepared for it. At least, that’s what I got out of it.”

“Someone is trying to create a false Second Coming and destroy the balance of power,” Mihr replied. “God has chosen you and three other warriors to stop this evil. However, the other three warriors haven’t awakened yet. We must find them before we can stop the evil ones.”

“You mean those mole creatures?” James asked.

“No,” Mihr answered. “Those creatures are called Drogas and they are mindless minions to any higher-level demon.”

“Great, how are we supposed to fight those things?” James asked. “Even if Rohan can shoot fire from his hands and I tree-hug ‘em to death, that won’t stop a high-level demon. Trust me, I seen enough Anime to know that.”

“Don’t compare this crisis to some cartoon,” replied Mihr angrily.

“Hey! Anime isn’t just some cartoon,” said James angrily. “Anime is a growing niche. There’s a ton of people who watch it.”

“Enough!” God said sternly.

Everyone became silent.

“Mihr, please show them to R&D room three,” God ordered. “There, they should find the answer to James’ question.”



The smaller R&D room was filled with countless gadgets. There, Rohan and James met two other angels, Kirt and Sephary.

Kirt was the tallest one in the room. He was exactly six feet tall with green eyes, peach skin, and short brown hair. He wore a white lab coat over his blue toga and brown sandals.

Sephary was the only female in the room. She was two inches shorter than Rohan and James with blue eyes, peach skin, and long brown hair. She also wore a white lab coat over her pink toga and brown sandals.

“Wow, these mortals are cute,” Sephary said blushing. “Can we keep them?”

“Watch your mouth, Sephary,” Kirt replied. “You don’t want to scare them.”

“It’s cool, dude,” said James. “Never had an angel want me before.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask this,” Rohan replied, “but where are your wings, Mihr? From the time we’ve stepped foot in here, I’ve seen all the other angels with their wings.”

“Well…umm…” Mihr began.

“Mihr’s an angel-in-training,” Sephary explained. “He has to take the Angel Exam in order to earn his wings. He’s training to become the next Angel of Friendship.”

“Well, that sucks,” James replied bluntly. “Who knew angels took exams too?”

“Not funny, mortal,” said Mihr angrily.

“Look, does it really matter?” Rohan asked, trying to keep the peace. “Right now, we got a job to do. So, what exactly are we going to use to fight this evil?”

“These,” Sephary answered, holding a medium steel case.

She placed the case on the table and opened it. Inside were two funny-looking watches. These silver colored watches were three inches long, two inches wide, and looked like a fusion of a small rectangle and semi-circle. The rectangle side had an oval screen, three small red buttons descending to the right, and a built in speaker and microphone underneath the screen while the semi-circle had the crest of God engraved on it.

“These are your Angel morphers,” Sephary replied with a smile. “They will allow you to fight the evil force behind this. We did have all five morphers, but three were swiped from us upon transporting them here. For now, let me explain the morphers’ functions.”

She cleared her throat. “The morpher is voice activated. To transform, you say Angel Up! through the mic. The three red buttons are for teleporting, communicating with us or one another, locking in coordinates, and for setting the time. The screen not only displays the time, but has the same hologram feature we use for God, that way you can see a virtual map of Earth and pick up signals or lock in coordinates for teleporting.”

“Don’t forget the other features, Sephary,” Kirt interjected. “We both made these morphers together.”

“Fine, you tell them,” Sephary replied with a frown. “I still don’t see the use for them.”

Rohan and James looked confused, but continued to listen.

“Since the morphers are voice activated,” Kirt began, “I added a disguise feature and a demon wiki. To activate, just say either Disguise or Wiki. Even though Sephary doesn’t like them, they will come in handy.”

Rohan and James stood there, letting everything they said sink in. It was James who broke the silence.

“So, we’re going to be Heaven’s version of Gatcha Rangers?”

“What’s that?” Sephary asked with a confused look.

James’ jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe his ears. He crouched down and hung his head low in shame. Mihr laughed.

“You mortals are funny,” Kirt chuckled.

“Is it important?” Sephary asked.

“Well, it’s not really important,” Rohan replied, “but it helps explain all of this. See, we grew up watching this TV series. It had the basic elements of five people saving the world from evil using some kind of morpher and even had robot battles. Right now, James and I feel that has come true.”

“I see,” said Sephary with a smile. “I think I understand why God chose you two. You guys are the calmest mortals we’ve met in a long time.”

“Yeah, King David was a calm guy,” Kirt butted in.

“You guys met the King David,” James asked springing back to life, “the one from the Old Testament who was said to be a man after God’s own heart?”

“Yeah, we met him once,” Kirt answered. “I was given guard duty to Jesse’s sons at that time while Sephary watched over the former King Saul. When God told us that Saul was no longer fit to rule, he asked me to tell David in a dream God wanted him. At the same time, Sephary tormented Saul in a dream until he called for David to play his harp.”

“Wait, so the evil spirit was you, Sephary?” James asked.

“It was a tough job, but someone had to do it,” Sephary answered with a frown. “You won’t believe how many nights I had to do it.”

Rohan smiled. “You guys are incredible.”

Kirt and Sephary blushed.

“For now, I must take you back to your housing,” Mihr said. “Take these morphers and wear them at all times.”

“We can’t wear them in the shower,” James replied. “They’ll get water-logged.”

“Not to worry, umm…James,” Sephary said. The morphers, as well as your suits, are waterproof, fireproof, and bulletproof.”

“Good to know,” Rohan replied.



They arrived back in their dorm. Rohan and James quickly ran to the bathrooms and hurled.

“I hate teleporting,” James said and then hurled again.

“Me too,” replied Rohan, clenching his stomach.

“I’ll contact you when we find anything,” Mihr said. “For now, return to your ordinary lives and keep your identity secret.”

And with that, Mihr disappeared. Rohan and James looked at each other and then at their morphers. They breathed a sigh of relief, for their morphers were the evidence standing between them and an asylum.

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