Journals of a Psychopath.



Connor's fate is gory.


Observing Connor from the tree by Lady Flarice’s work, he chatted to her. The infidelity of the Lady Flarice’s body and mind was something I did not want to go through. Continuing to examine and I took solace in the retaliation I was plotting. Lady Flarice belonged to me and was mine alone, any rival would be sorry. Amplifying the sound, when Connor perched on Lady Flarice’s desk, she lifted her cranium, raised the corners of her mouth, when he stroked her breast. Connor departed from the office and strode into the lot. Lighting his cigarette, he was enjoying the moment. Creeping up behind, I smashed a brick down on Connor’s head, and he fell to the ground.
The Segregation Cell

Dumping Connor in the isolation chamber, when he awoke, he screamed. (At the end, he was very sorry for consorting with the Lady Flarice.) He stared at the manacles, the weaponry, the slab and the implements. The segregation cell was sealed, so his screams and the squeals from others would be silenced.
“Now you will wait and see what will befall you,” I said.

The Lady Flarice

Rapping on the door, she opened it, and dark shadows were under her eyes. Recounting about Connor's disappearance and she knitted her brows.
      “Connor's sister is very distressed.”
(I imagined Connor in the isolation chamber, scared and his pants urinated in, because when he elevated the lid of the frozen-cabinet, Connor would see the icy-vestiges of an ugly corpse caught in this world. Leanne was iced in time, scrunched, her face terribly scarred.) Curving and the Lady Flarice's mouth appealed, she lost the strain from her visage. Pushing the thoughts of the Lady Flarice’s genitalia from my mind, I leaned to flick the residue from the death-stick, and my hand touched her breast, my insides jolted. Knowing she was not wearing a bra and those soft circles of flesh were free.
      “When Connor is gone you will be closer to her.”
      “I hope to be, but my hurt is so strong, I am afraid it will impede the way forward.”
      “The pain will not last.”

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