Be Your Best Self Today: a journey to inspire



Take a look at my client's weight loss & spiritual journey — see Marcel's effort to transform his life whilst being filmed for all to see and become inspired by. Already, Marcel has gained many health benefits from my healing with Christ energy, also losing 'a stone' in just one week of training...

Ladies and gents,

I've been working with a special client of mine to help/support him to change his life one day at a time, and I happily invite you to watch his progress as things unfold...

Each week Marcel (my client) has agreed to allow his self-renewal journey to be filmed for the world to see.

Not many of my clients are willing to be filmed — let alone each week, but Marcel understands that his efforts will help to inspire countless others — global — to take control of their lives and achieve their goals, no matter how challenging!

Marcel came to me in need of a personal trainer, and after spending some time with him, I realised that he was looking to learn about spirituality, as he wanted to understand his life's purpose.

And so I started things off by giving Marcel some much needed healing, as his energy had much blockages and his mind was in need of some clarity — we decided that a 'rebirth' was the grand solution to his difficulties and troubles.

In just one week Marcel has found ease to many of his bodily pains, imbalances and traumas.

Marcel also started training with me to lose weight to gain overall fitness and stability, but in just one week he has lost 1 stone!...

I now teach Marcel meditation, chi gong, self-defence, and I am his life coach/mentor. I provide healing on a weekly basis for Marcel using Christ's energy, Reiki, Shamanic healing and my own technique.

Everything is filmed for you to watch, I update my site regularly with his weekly progress — this is an amazing personal transformational journey like none-other...

Remember to follow this link to watch:


Don't miss this emotional and eye-opening journey, it will inspire, motivate and lift you — most of all it will help and support those of you who have similar goals/ambitions/desires to Marcel's. Enjoy!...





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