Frequent Zombie Nightmares



How I related my frequent zombie nightmares to the wrong relationship I was in.

I was dating the wrong guy for a year and a half, but didn't really know it until after a year into the relationship and I started dreaming about zombies at least monthly if not weekly for the last six months of the relationship. I had a feeling that those zombie nightmares were the result of the relationship. It was "killing me" so to speak to remain in the relationship. I hated fighting with him and he was one of those people that when he argued with you, he was right and you were wrong and he would talk over you, shake his head (indicating he knows better or more) and that was the end of it. He liked arguing about any old thing and didn't care to hear my thoughts.

Interestingly enough, around the time I was debating whether or not to break up with him, I had decided on a whim to check in with a psychic to help confirm my thoughts. Although the lady was nice, she couldn't give me a straight answer. Figures. She said I had a choice about whether or not to stay in the relationship. REALLY? You think?? (I didn't tell her that, I thought it to myself.)

When I asked her about my frequent zombie nightmares being related to the relationship, she really couldn't answer that. Some psychic.

In the end, I decided to end that relationship and guess what? 

My instincts about my nightmare being related to the relationship were indeed true because those nightmares stopped immediately. That's not to say that I never ever dreamed of zombies since, it's just they rarely ever occurred before or after the relationship.

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