Mental Vacation



You’re everything of my fantasy’re everything different that I want in this world...

I’m listening to the sounds of screaming and chaos around me. I want to just wreck my brain and escape somewhere else. I'm so tired of this complicated life; I'm so tired of the screaming around me. I'm just going to throw myself in my room, go in my bed and go on a vacation with you...

"Right now?" You ask me as I hop in my bed. Your deep accent was puzzled as I try to wiggle my way into my blanket.

You’re everything of my fantasy dream. Deep brown eyes, dark long hair, full lips to kiss and a body only an artist can sculpt. There is nothing of you that reminds me of my current situation...the look of you, the feel of’re everything different that I want in this world.

"Yes...right now!" I exclaimed as I grab you by the hand and pull you to the bed with me. Once I wrap my blanket around our bodies, I can feel the rush of the darkness pull us into its grasp.

I opened my eyes to the sight of the ocean...the big blue skies and the icy clear water. The smell of the ocean engulfed my senses as I stepped on the warm sand. I was ready to walk forward but I felt your hand in tangled with mine.

I stopped and turned to look at you. You’re different now that we're in this mental state. Your hair is wet, your body is bare and warm and your eyes are soft as silk. You bring me closers to you and I can feel my heart jumped from my chest to my throat.

You leaned into me and kissed my swollen lips. I could feel your heat rising as your lips parted mines and I could feel your tongue slow dance with mine.

I stopped breathing for a minute as your hands started caressing my body. This blissful state I'm in is something I was looking for all day...your eyes, your lips, this setting. It was perfect, until you did something that made it even better....


To be continued...

Janeen G's Fan Fiction

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