Aftermath. Unpublished...



I wake up in a cold sweat blinking the sleep from my eyes.

Aftermath, my true story.

  I wake up in a cold sweat blinking the sleep from my eyes. I was back home again after the disastrous attempt of leaving the farm, but I would pay heavily for it. From the very first night it came to me many times. I would beg for tranquillity and peace but to no avail.

 "Would I ever be free from it?" Oh, how I longed for my sister's. I was in such a lonely place were nobody understood my terror. And it would be the vision I had one night that would make me flee my secluded resort. What I had seen with my own eyes would haunt with me for the rest of my life... I never thought I would ever be free, but at long last I would hopefully find the tranquillity and peace that I had always longed for.

  Leaving the derelict farm behind was the most exciting time. For the twenty years we had been there: from what was once a house filled with laughter when we had first moved in, to an eerie emptiness that felt foreboding sending a chill down my spine on our departure.

  A year later I was married, the past issues would have to stay in the past, or so I thought. Had the threat of being followed turn out to be true? laying in bed one night my nightmare started all over again...

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