The Beauty of Imperfection — Excerpt



This is the first chapter from my ebook — The Beauty of Imperfection

When God created Universe, well most of us believe that God created Universe; He forgot to create a line between Perfect and Imperfect.

The Universe came into being and so did the most inexplicable species on the planet. Yes, I am talking about the Homo-Sapiens who are popularly known as "Human Beings". Right from the beginning, this species has been a curious one. Curious to know that how plants grow, how do they breathe, what is air, what is water made of, why do birds have wings and we do not, what do animals survive on and so on....At that point of time when man was evolving, THIS WAS PERFECT!

Once they learnt the ground-rules of existence, the quest for more started. Now, our ancestors learnt the art of igniting fire and invented wheel, thought of beautifying their surroundings and themselves and at that time, THIS BECAME PERFECT!!!

They thrived for a better living, culture and then civilization. And with each passing day, they thought that they were achieving PERFECT.

The question that occurs to me now is "Was it so Perfect?", "Is everything in the world Perfect?" and if the answer to this question is "Yes", then why do we strive for another day, for another chance? Do we actually want to live that "PERFECT" again or we wish to change it? Most of us want that another chance to change it so that we can omit the mistakes that were made previously. We want another chance because somewhere deep in our hearts we know that the moment that just went by was probably the most imperfect one and still we wish to believe in "PERFECTION".

As we read through this book, we will realize that PERFECTION is a variable while IMPERFECTION an absolute which helps us figure out the nature of our lives. The nature of our lives thus becomes the outcome or the result of this equation of Perfect and Imperfect depending upon the number of variables put into this fraction.


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