Two-Fisted Youngins



Brothers in the south, Jeff & Jesse, are quite the handful, but will their actions have consequences?

This was set to be a four issue miniseries but, I'll be honest, I've only written this first issue. Maybe after getting an artist for it, I'll continue the story. 

Two-Fisted Youngins
A Comic Book Script by Christopher Michael Carter

Page 1
Panel 1: An old farmer hoeing in the field. A pickup truck is in the far distance. The old man, Ray Nixon, is in ratty overalls, a long sleeve plaid shirt underneath, and a denim cap.
      Caption: Some days it seems like there's no relief from the hot, southern sun.

Page 2
Panel 1: The pickup tearing up the road. Dust being kicked up behind them.
Panel 2: Two young men in the cab. Jesse (Blonde) and Jeff (Brunette). Jesse’s driving, Jeff looks excited and pointing forward.
      Jeff: Look! It's old Ray Nixon. Let's give 'em a scare!
      Jesse: Wooo!
Panel 3: A tire squealing.
Panel 4: Ray's hands up in the air.
      Ray: AAHH!
Panel 5: The truck tearing through Nixon's field.

Page 3
Panel 1: The two brothers sitting down at the sheriff's station (facing us).
      Sheriff (off page): What exactly goes through that head of yours? I say head because there's no way you have two brains between you two.
Panel 2: The boys' father with his jacket over his arm.
      Pa: It's alright, Sheriff, I'll take it from here.
Panel 3: Outside the father's standing lecturing the guys.
      Pa: You tore up Ray's field. You ruined his crops.
      Jesse (off page): C'mon, Pa, we were just funning.
Panel 4: Same as 3 only now Pa's holding a couple of pitchforks.
      Pa: So you guys wanna get into a bunch of crap? Here you go.
Panel 5: The guys next to a manure pile. It's steaming with stink lines.
      Jeff: Aww maaan.

Page 4
Panel 1: Ma's hands cutting vegetables.
      Pa (off page): You know, Margaret...
Panel 2: Pa standing behind her but facing to the side.
      Pa: Your dang boys are gonna be the death of me.
      Ma: Why is it that they're always 'my' boys whenever they're out bein' little hellions?
Panel 3: The dad with a big toothy grin.
Panel 4: The two brothers, from behind, mid-back-up.
      Jesse: You know this is your fault.
      Jeff: You were the one driving...
Panel 5: Jesse’s eyes in close-up glaring over.
Panel 6: Jeff’s face getting manure splatted on it. 
      Jeff: UGH!

Page 5
Panel 1: Jesse laughing.
      Jesse: Hahaha.
Panel 2: Jesse’s face splattered next.
      Jeff (off page): HA-HA!
Panel 3: Thin long panel of them throwing at each other. Jesse’s on the left and Jeff’s on the right.
Panel 4: Rest of the page-the two continuing their crap war.
      Pa (off page): HEY BOYS! (all along the bottom of the page)

Page 6
Panel 1: The dad on the deck far away.
      Pa: I gave you pitchforks for a reason!
Panel 2: The boys looking at themselves covered in crap.
Panel 3: Their faces looking at each other.
Panel 4: The two busting up into laughter.
Panel 5: The dad talking to the mom. She's still in the kitchen. The dad's standing with beer.
      Pa: All they wanna do is horseplay. If they're not joking they're fighting.
      Ma: Sounds like a young man I used to know. A little youngin' with his two fists swingin' almost as much as his smart mouth.
Panel 6: Her face smirking.

Page 7
Panel 1: The dad looking at his pocket watch.
      Pa: Will ya look at that. I still got chores to do.
      Ma: Mhmm. That's what I was thinking.
      Pa: Always thinkin'!
Panel 2: The boys coming in smelling funky.
      Jeff: Hey ma.
      Jesse: Yeah, hey ma, wanna hug?
      Ma: 'sniff' You boys are just nasty. Go wash up for supper.
Panel 3: The mom alone but surrounded by stink lines with a sour face.
      Ma: 'sniff' Whew. Gonna have to bake some pie just to kill that smell.
Panel 4: Ray Nixon in bed. Still looking shocked.
      Grandson #1 (off page): Grandpa? You alright?
Panel 5: From the grandpa's point of view we see the Nixon boys.
      Grandson #1: Don't worry, Grandad, we'll take care of this.

Page 8
Panel 1: Jeff wiping his mouth with his napkin.
      Jeff: Mmm that was good stuff, ma.
Panel 2: A hand feeding the dog some asparagus. 
Panel 3: Jesse chiming in.
      Jesse: Yeah, ma. It was great.
Panel 4: The mom picking up plates.
      Ma: Ya'll get ready for bed soon.
Panel 5: The dad pointing.
      Pa: Let Callie out first!
Panel 6: Callie the dog by the door barking.

Page 9
Panel 1: Most of the page-in their dark bedroom. One brother's in one bed and one's in the other.
      Jeff: Hey, Jess?
      Jesse: Yeah, Jeff?
      Jeff: You don't think we went too far with ol' Ray Nixon today, do you?
      Jesse: Nah, that old dog will be fine in the morning. We just took the wind out of his sails, is all.
Panel 2: Jeff in bed.
      Jeff: I hope yer right. Cuz I got a bad feeling about it.
Panel 3: Jesse in bed.
      Jesse: No, man. In the morning everything will be just fine. Trust me.

Page 10
Panel 1: The boys asleep and it's sunny.
      Pa (off page): BOYS!
Panel 2: The barn on fire as seen from the brothers' bedroom window.
      Pa (off page): BOYS!
Panel 3: Jeff up looking jolted awake.
Panel 4: Jeff’s eyes looking shocked.
Panel 5: Close up. Reflection of the burning barn in his eye.
      Jeff: Oh, crap, Jesse! Jesse get up!
Panel 6: One of them putting boots on.

Page 11 & 12
Panel 1: Splash page of the barn burning. The dad and farm hand are trying to get it out. The boys are showing up to help. The animals are freaking out.

Page 13
Panel 1: Jesse with a bucket of water.
Panel 2: Jeff working the pump to get more water.
Panel 3: The farmhand and the dad talking outside the barn.
      Farmhand: It's gonna burn out! Collapse from the inside!
      Pa: I'll be just a minute!
Panel 4: Ma looking from the window in tears.

Page 14
Panel 1: Ma coming outside with towels and blankets.
      Ma: Here! Get these wet!
Panel 2: The boys throwing water on the fire.
Panel 3: Jesse and Ma wetting the cloths in the background while Jeff’s talking to the farmhand in the foreground.
      Jeff: Where's Pa!?
      Farmhand: He's still inside!
Panel 4: Jeff’s face stunned.
      Jeff: Inside?

Page 15
Panel 1: From inside-the barn doors open and the two boys standing there.
      Boys: Pa!
Panel 2: Smoke covering most of him but we see the dad's legs as he's lying on the ground.
Panel 3: The boys carrying Pa out.
      Ma (off page): Oh, Lord!
Panel 4: Aerial view-Pa on the ground with Ma holding him. The boys standing by the side. The barn still smoking.

Page 16
Panel 1: The two guys sitting together looking nervous.
      Dr (off page): I don't know, Margaret. It's too early to tell. He's inhaled an awful lot of smoke.
Panel 2: The knob turning and door opening.
Panel 3: The boys looking over.
Panel 4: The Dr and mom talking.
      Dr: Any clue what started the fire?
      Ma: No. We still don't know.
Panel 5: The doors open and the boys are on their feet.
      Jeff: Can we see him now?
      Dr: Yes.
Panel 6: Back to Ma and the Dr.
      Dr: Margaret, always a pleasure.
      Ma: Yeah, thanks again, Dr.

Page 17
Panel 1: Pa lying in bed.
      Boys (off page): Pa? Can you hear us?
Panel 2: From Pa's bedside view, we see the boys.
      Jesse: Hang in there, Pa.
      Jeff: Yeah, every things gonna be alright.
Panel 3: Just heads. Ma between them.
      Ma: I need you boys to run into town for me.
      Jeff: Alright.
      Jesse: Stay strong, Pa.
Panel 4: Out of the room, Ma, shutting the bedroom door.
      Ma: Hey...
Panel 5: Ma tying her robe tighter.
      Ma: I want you boys to find out what you can about that fire.
      Boys (off page): Yes, Ma'am.
      Ma: But be careful.

Page 18
Panel 1: The boys in the truck. This time Jeff’s driving.
      Jesse: Think he's gonna die?
      Jeff: Shut up, Jesse, don't even ask that.
Panel 2: Different angle. From the driver's side.
      Jeff: What do you think caused the fire?
      Jesse: You mean Who?
Panel 3: A paper saying “Pick Up List" in one of their hands.
Panel 4: The two of them in a store. One is pushing the cart.
      Jeff: It's a barn, Jesse. A number of things coulda started that fire.
      Jesse: I think someone started it. On purpose.
Panel 5: The two leaving with a big brown paper bag.
      Jeff: We'll get back and check the barn.
      Nixon (off page): Well, if it ain't the twins!
Panel 6: From behind the boys we see the Nixon boys (about 3 of them) in a truck.
      Jesse: Eh, hey Nixon.

Page 19
Panel 1: One of the Nixon boys with his arm resting out of the window.
      Nixon 1: Heard about what happened. Too bad.
Panel 2: Jesse’s face looking to the side a bit confused.
      Jesse: Yeah...
Panel 3: The back of the truck contains empty gas cans.
Panel 4: A fist balling up.
Panel 5: Same Nixon smiling and holding his hand up.
      Nixon 1: Y'know your daddy really should stop smoking HAHA!
Panel 6: A fist crashing into the guy's face.
      Sound: THUMP!
      Nixon: Ugh!

Page 20
Panel 1: The 3 guys get out of the truck and the twins are ready for them.
Panel 2: Front view of the boys with their fists up.

Page 21 & 22

Panel 1: The two of them punching one guy out simultaneously.
Panel 2: Jesse about to throw a punch.
      Caption: A fight with the Nixon boys is a long time coming.
Panel 3: Jeff grabbing a guy by his shirt.
Panel 4: Jesse punching a guy in the stomach.
      Nixon 1: HUH!
Panel 5: Jeff following through with a right cross.
Panel 6: The third guy coming to.
Panel 7: Jeff kneeling down and knocking him back out.
Panel 8: Jesse kicking a bent over guy in the ribs.

Page 23
Panel 1: 3 guys lying around.
      Nixon 1: Aw, man.
      Nixon 2: Ugh it hurts.
      Nixon 3: Zzz.
Panel 2: The two boys with their fists up still pumped.
Panel 3: Just heads. Jesse’s looking over at Jeff.
      Jesse: We should probably get out of here.
      Jeff: Uh...yeah.
Panel 4: A hand picking up the bag.

Page 24
Panel 1: Pa in bed resting while Ma is putting a wet cloth on his head.
      Ma: Shh, it's okay.
Panel 2: The damaged barn.
Panel 3: Jesse standing with his arms crossed.
      Jesse: They really need us right now.
Panel 4: The sun setting.
      Jesse (off page): We need to clean it up and stay out of trouble.
Panel 5: Both in frame-Jesse standing (seen from behind) and Jeff laying down on the hood/windshield of the truck.
      Jeff: ...We got a lot of work to do.


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