Journals of a Psychopath



oh dear, things do not go well for Alexia.

The Trees

Rekindling the flaming voracity, impelling the victims on the dirt, Lady Flarice automatically honored the Woodlander Characters, and Alexia imitated her example. We also revered the Purifiers and the Archangel, our voices rang with the language, the Purifiers the Darkest-One and the Orator understood. The black-angels soared above in league with our mission, the leader of the black-angels drifted down and vetted us he endorsed our incantations.
      “I beg of you please let me go?” Alexia asked.
She was ignored, Smithson gawped at the firestorm, and then he lifted Alexia, plunked her on the altar, the flares reproduced the image of Alexia’s baldhead on the surface. Smithson tied Alexia with the pure white silk belt and the Lady Flarice was agitated.
      “You must stop,” Alexia said.
      “Close your oral cavity.”
She became quiet. Alexia’s bonds were taut she coiled to free her body. With frenzied desire, I ripped Alexia’s clothes her marvelous fleshy balls of female flesh were exposed. Smithson tore the skin with his teeth, I pointed the sword in the direction of the Lady Flarice, she swooned, and chucking water on her, she roused.
Lady Flarice understood we expected her to engage with the surrender. The gown sparkled in the light from the blaze and the scene was ethereal.
      “You will wound Alexia.”
Lady Flarice fainted again, Smithson hefted her up, and I gaped jealously, he knew he should not touch my jewel.
      “Do you need to be punished?”
      “Please father? I was unaware of what I was doing I was trying to help you.”
Smithson scuffed his feet and he glared at the Lady Flarice she turned her head.

The Family Farm

Smithson hastened upstairs. He conducted his mother down and Rheanna clutched Smithson, she flew down the steps in our early days of seeing each other.
      “It is okay honey,” Caldwell said.
I summoned the memory of Rhea's tanned face, when I concentrated on Rhea’s mammary glands under the hood. The realization filtered through her fuddled brain, Elaina stood and clasped Jolenson in her arms.
      “You brought Elaina and Jolenson you are so out of order.”
      “Charl's is very ill.”
      “This concerns me how?”
      “Sis needs twenty-four-hour care and I need you to fund her stay in a sanatorium.”
      “Is this a wind up?”
“It is no joke and if you are not willing to pay for Charl’s care I will remove Smithson from you, a word in his ear, he would walk with me. We will return and you can give your answer.”
Rheanna’s lips thinned I knew she would do as I asked she was weak and blinded by love. Rheanna held onto Smithson, as she made her way to the drinks cabinet, it was expensive and solid gold handles adorned it. She took out the bourbon and she drank from the bottle.

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