Very short work of fiction. Just for fun.

She decided to wear her pretty red dress today, why she didn't know, except that it was


her favorite color. She giggled to herself as she imagined she was all grown up, that she


was called the Lady In Red. Oh how she would be very exotic and mysterious and all the


boys would swoon as she passed by, she would be the most popular girl in her class.



Suddenly her train of thought was broken when she heard her mother yelling from


downstairs, “Lucy you get down here right now young lady”. So hurrying up and getting


dressed she rushed down the stairs and with the most innocent voice and the prettiest eyes


you ever saw she looked up at her mother and said: “yes ma’am.”



“Don’t you yes ma’am me, young lady, you get out there in the yard right now and get


your toys picked up, especially that red wagon. Someone is going to trip on that stuff one


day and it will probably be me with my luck and hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”


“Yes, ma’am,” Lucy replied as she darted out the door to the front yard.


She always loved this time of the day when the sun was coming up over the horizon.


How it made the color of the landscape so much redder and the sky so much more


brilliant, with layer upon layer of red, gold and silver clouds. It always took her breath




Looking out to the sky beyond she recalled a story her Grandpa had told her long ago


about a planet out there that was all green and blue and she thought how awful that must


be that all those poor children would never get to see the prettiest sunrise or sunset on her


world bathed in shades of red everywhere you looked and just as she was about to pull


her little red wagon into the garage she heard her mother yell again from out the back


door, “what are you doing out there? I told you to hurry up or you'll be late for school.”


So rushing as fast as she could she got everything put away properly and running back


into the house grabbed a coat and her backpack and ran out the door for school.


She just couldn’t be late today, this was picture day and she and her mother had had her


nails done on all four hands, all three of her eyebrows clipped and the tentacles on her


beautifully elongated head waved just for the occasion. She was an absolute knockout


today and she knew it. “Look out boys, here comes Lucy," she said to the red sand filled


wind as she dashed down the road to school.



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