The Bathtub Dolphin



I decided I will post these I've written them. This story came to life bathing my then 8yr daughter, during bath time, asked if it was safe because of the bath sharks. I had to laugh, she was serious about it. that's when I told her about the bath dolphins that protect kids in the bath.



One day, Desirée was taking a bath. Her mom had told `her not to forget to wash herself and then left.
Desirée was busy singing. When a noise behind her made her turn around, Desirée was shocked to find a dolphin behind her.

With a wink, the bathtub dolphin took Desirée under the water. They played games like hide and go squid as well as dolphin tag.

Desirée and her new friend the bathtub dolphin had lunch with jellyfish and a school of angelfish.

Desirée followed a sleepy looking turtle for a while until she heard her mom calling her. Desirée swam to her new friends and told them that her mom was calling her so she had to go.

Her dolphin friend helped her back to her bathtub. Desirée waved bye just as her mom appeared. Her mom held up the towel. As she wrapped her in it, Desirée told her about the adventure she had with the bathtub dolphin.

Her mom looked down at her lovingly and smiled. “Wow, that’s some adventure,” her mom said.

As Desirée lay in bed, she couldn’t wait for tomorrow night, when she could have another wonderful adventure with her friend the bathtub dolphin.

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