DC Alt Earth-3 A Long Halloween Vol 1: Chapter 4



The medicine Dr Isley brought back from the Amazon Island had a bit more of a kick than she realized.

Earth-3 A Long Halloween
Vol I the Court of Owls
Chapter 4

       He couldn't move and his body seemed very distant as if it were a separate entity. He knew he was still alive and could hear the world moving around him. Each morning he could hear the birds outside his window, at night he could hear the owls as they hunted. Those greetings helped Bruce keep sane.

       He could smell the flowers that Alfred brought each morning, and knew the family butler was reading the news to him every evening. With nothing else to do, he absorbed the stories and information. It was just news that Alfred read at first but after a few months, the butler began bringing him other books. He heard Alfred talk about it with his brother Thomas. Alfred was certain that his charge was still active, mentally if not physically. With the new master's permission, Alfred brought math, chemistry, literature of all types to read in Bruce's room.

       While his body was weak, his mind expanded absorbing details and information he wouldn't have considered before. He had faith he would move again but until then he would perfect his mind. He would then find out what had happened to their parents and it puzzled him that Thomas had not found out yet. Perhaps running Wayne Enterprises and the classwork he still had was taking too much time but he should have hired someone.

       Years passed in this pattern as Alfred continued to teach Bruce despite the exasperated looks the doctors Thomas hired gave the elder man. On the tenth year, Bruce could feel himself struggling with the hope that he would walk again. After so long he could still only move his eyes. Everything seemed so helpless and pointless. What good were information and knowledge if you could not act on it?

       It was then that he heard her voice. He remembered her a friend of Selena Kyle. Where Seline's voice purred in one's ear, her friend's voice reminded him of flowers, it was soft and bright. He knew her name, Pamela Isley, at the private school he had attended she was almost as well-known as Selena and had the nickname Ivy for her skill with any plant she came across. His parents had asked her father to look over their garden and Pamela often came with him to overlook his mother's roses.

       His brother and Alfred called her Doctor Isley, was she a medical doctor now? Bruce was certain she would go on to become a botanist, that was her dream after all. They were talking about the Island that had been found in the Caribbean. If he had remembered correctly the news reports mentioned she was one of the few survivors of the crew that chased the fugitive Steve Trevor there.

       She was having a lab set up in the room next to his if his hearing did not fool him. After a few moments, she was talking to him as if she knew he was awake. Talking to him about a plant she brought back and medicine could be made from this plant that might help his condition.

       It seemed foolish to think that a miracle medicine would solve all of his problems like Pamela had described to his brother. Still, Pamela's voice made the cure seem not just a likelihood but a certainty. The smell of the medicine being prepared filled his nose with an otherworldly scent. He could almost feel his very soul being lifted out of his body by the plant and the medicine hadn't even been injected yet. Did it work that fast? Did it only need proximity to start working on injuries?

       The injection itself felt like fire bringing back memories of being too young to realize a heated brick was a danger. He burned himself then and that was bad enough. This fire felt worse and it felt like that same fire seared his veins. Strangely he felt stronger in a way he could not explain. His muscles felt liquid but in a strange way, he could feel them healing. The atrophy of being stuck in a bed was being removed far faster than even he had dreamed. He felt himself lifting further from his body, now he could look downward at the room around him and he could see his body. Did he really look like that? He looked so awful. Those years of being stuck in his bed melted before his eyes as his body changed, it seemed like the hand of a goddess was resculpturing his body.

       Within moments he passed through the ceiling of the room itself, his spirit continued to soar upward. For a moment he was terrified the medicine might kill him in this state even as it was healing him. as he floated above Wayne manor he could see two women floating at his destination.

       The woman on his right bathed in darkness a cloak of the night sky and stars floating around her form. through her darkness, her eyes burned into him with intense fury. Nyx, the Goddess of Night beckoned much as a well-known friend. It had been ten years since his eyes were last open and he well knew the power that darkness held.       

       To his left floated a woman shining brighter than the sun he had remembered. He should know her, the mother of Helios, the Sun, of Selene, The Moon and of Eos, The Dawn, Theia. The warmth of her glow embraced him and he felt a longing that was hard to resist.

       The plant was doing something strange to him and he found himself trapped between the two divines, feeling the need to choose between one or the other. Neither Goddess nor Titan spoke only reached out towards waves of energy from each beckoned. He spared a glance at Nyx, who he felt a strange connection to. He felt perhaps in another world he would have chosen the darkness. He would have embraced almost as a lover but he had too much darkness in this life. Perhaps in another reality, he did choose her, but not today. Before he could change his mind his hands were already grasping the hands of Theia drawn into her embrace.

       He could see the history of his world and strangely could see monsters and the last time of monsters that engulfed the globe. He knew a bit about the legends and myths that surrounded these monsters but never realized until now that they were all true. What he could also see was that despite the darkness and monsters that terrorized mankind there was hope. Heroes rose to fight the monsters, even the monsters that tried to convince others they were truly heroes. Monsters with shining clear faces that would do the worst evil with a smile on their face, always on their lips the words "for the greater good". Helios was looking at him and he could only come to one conclusion, she wished him to be one of those heroes that would stand up to the night.

       Her glowing hand tilted his chin to look back at the Goddess he did not choose and what he saw struck him to the bone. Somehow before he didn't see the tentacles that writhed around her form and red fangs that salivated purplish liquid that could only be poison. The light of her eyes had blinded him but within Theia's power such illusions melted away. Was that what he nearly chose? The figure that floated inside Nyx froze his soul, it was his brother, Thomas.


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