A Mid Summer's Night



I share a personal experience with the world in this existential work of art. A precious verse sprinkled with narcissism and bitter shards of revelations. To be featured in Little By Little out March 2017.

Its nice and cool on this midd summer’s night. The air is damp and moving ever so sweetly; it cools the tepid emotions of my flesh and leaves me with feelings of pure serenity as I lay in the darkness, staring out at the stars above; their mysteries interwoven with my curiosity of my own life upon this giant rock floating in an epic cosmos.
And when it all comes to and end? What will I have to show for my time here? A few scattered remembrances that nothing will become of? And when my Earthly shall begins to decay, will all of my hideousness finally be erased from the collective eyes or will it forever be ingrained , aching through generations? Perhaps I’m thinking too much of myself in that regard. What am I? Nothing. Who am I? No one.

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