My First EVER Experience with HASH COOKIES!



The first time I ever tried hash cookies and fell down the rabbit's hole.

 Please note that I do have a valid medical Marijuana card for the state of California. 
I obtained it legally in Venice,  so for those of you who want to talk shit about the use of marijuana in any form can just fuck right the hell off. I'm not being paid to promote the Green Goddess, I'm just a fan and a avid buyer of their edibles and occasionally their wax products. I've posted a link down below so you can check out their "menu", prices, location and other information!  
This blog involves the wonder laden hash cookies of the Skywalker and Blue Dream variety. Those are my all time favourites! Blue dream has a potent and lengthy high for me. Its lead me to incredible adventures and self discoveries. I've not smoked it before, so I can't say anything on that experience of Blue Dream. If you have any suggestions, comment below or message me on my Google Plus! And I'll give some of them a try and rate the experience. (If I remember to do so.) Below I've also included info on the strains I've talked about as well as Edible First Timer Safety....Something I didn't know when I first tried. xD

Right, so the first time I tried edibles was nothing like I thought it would be. I'd smoked pot before and hadn't really experience a decent high, I'm not sure why. Most likely because it was shit spliff to
be honest. That aside, I was wanting to try it again. I didn't want to smoke it and I'd heard about the wonders of edibles, so I was like "I NEED TO TRY THESE." Sadly, I realised that they could only be obtained with a Medical Marijuana card. With a quick Google search on it, I had the info I need and was in an Uber on my way down to Venice Beach to try and secure me a card and these space goodies.
After a quick trip to the Green Doctor and paying a rather hefty was more than the 20.00 they said on the sign, but thankfully I had my Amex Card, so all was well. And at the time I would have done pretty much anything to get a good high. (I've also linked them down below) It ended up being something like 200.00-but it was WORTH IT. After speaking to the doctor, no I'm not going to tell you what I said, but you all can probably guess it if you've read my other blogs or my published works) I clenched the holiest of holies.
I'd asked about medical marijuana shops in the area and they gave me a list of a few, but me being lazy picked the closest one to me. I walked the roughly 1 mile to the Green Goddess and showed them my Passport and my fresh off the press Medical Marijuana Pass. After waiting a few moments, I was allowed to asend the stairs into Heaven. The shop has a cool, sea-sand coloured floor and large glass cases filled with product. They have labels, pipes, grinders and even hemp body products! (I'm not sure if they still have them now, since i order online now. The case in the farthest corner from the stairwell entrance has the edibles. I bought 7 of BlueDream and 7 of Skywaker. I wasn't sure how they'd affect me, so I figured, get over a dozen and see where that takes me and if a few do the trick I won't have to come back for a bit. (Since its like an hour drive from Hollywood)
I dashed out of the shop and headed back out to where I was temporarily staying until I could move into my new flat on Hollywood Blvd. (The building is beautiful, but so expensive! 2,000 a month without like the electricity being paid for and you need rental insurance...blah) Upon returning to the room I ordered a double cheese pizza and prepared myself. I ate one cookie and after like 15 minutes I still hadn't felt anything. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF RIPOFF IS THIS??" So, I ate another....and another....and another...6 cookies later, I was practically in orbit. I was drooling and falling over myself by the time the pizza boy arrived. He had to wait while I stumbled around trying to find my wallet. I paid him and snatched the pizza and returned to the bed. It was so cheesy and delicious. (Oh dear God I'm getting hungry now.) I was having a hard time working my jaw and swallowing by the time I had began to devour the pizza. I must have chewed each bit 100 times taking what felt like ages to chew and then carefully swallow it.
The next bit is still a huge blur to me, even though its a year and a half later. I'd fallen asleep at one point and woke up and believed that I had died and that the hotel room I was in was purgatory. Don't ask me how or why, because I still don't know. I was convinced that if I left the room that I would die again and become double dead and end up in Hell, in a flame drenched tar pit. I fell asleep again and woke up still in an altered frame of mine. And I won't lie, I fucking panicked. I was like "OH MY GOD I'VE RUINED MY BRAIN! TOMMY CHONG HAS LIED TO ME. MY ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIE!" So I got Google and started asking if I could have possibly damaged my brain by eating 6 hash cookies in 15 minutes. I didn't find anything and at the end of the day, I knew I was just being a paranoid twat, but on the same hand, I liked the way I felt. I wasn't depressed. I wasn't out of control manic. And I wasn't anxious.
The rest of the week was a blur of blackness. The next thing I remember is waking up in Venice Beach, down on the pier, you know where the homeless people gather and hang out and where wanna be artists try and slop their gear. (Although I have to say some of the artists there are flat out brilliant and I've gotten one or two pieces down there.) I had some sand in my pockets and had no phone or cash. I went into one of the shops on the strip and asked to make a phone call. I don't know if it was my disheveled and dirty appearance, my non-native accent or a combo of the two, but I was allowed to make a call. Upon my mate answering (He lives in LA) he began screaming. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? NO ONE HAS SEEN YOU FOR A WEEK!! I WAS CALLING HOSPITALS AND MORGES!" I told him where I was and he came down and got me. He bought me some chips and a soda, then strapped me into the car and took me home. All in all in was a pretty good adventure. Looking back on the bits that I do remember, I must have scared that pizza boy...Sorry. And I've had some other wonderous experiences with Blue Dream that I'm thinking I might share.
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