Journals of a Psychopath



Smithson his son becomes every bit as evil as his father, the psychopath.

Bailey's House

      “Why do we conform to the Purifiers and the Archangel? We should yield more women.”
      “The Purifiers and the Darkest-One would withhold the purification.”
Rambling to Bailey's yard, Smithson sucked in his breath, and I gawped, her hair was caught by the small spotlights. Bailey tied up her silvery-blonde hair, she traipsed the stairs. Waiting, I used the tool and gained entry. Smithson and I made our way upstairs to the bedroom, she was reading a copy of a chilling book, and it fell to the floor. It was soundless, Bailey opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came from it. I ordered she dress and I waved the shooter in Bailey’s face, she clothed speedily. Leading her from the abode to the loading point, we filed onto the bus, she was anxious. The passenger vehicle wended its way on the route and sitting opposite, I regarded her wavy hair, and I wished she had taken it down. Vacating the vehicle and Bailey slipped on the ice I saved her from falling. The Trees and the Archangel would be very angry if she was damaged before the purification. She was terrified of us and endeavored to escape, but my arm was around her waist, and Smithson paced at her side.
“Do not make a sound or you will be sorry,” Smithson said.

The Haven

      “This is the shrine.”
Striking a match, igniting the candle, Bailey blinked, and the flame similar to burnished gold.
      “Please let me go?”
Smithson was on his hunkers and his robe dragged on the floor. He preached words into her ear. Dancing fanatically and Bailey shrilled, so we gyrated longer. Bailey fell to the ground with grief.

     “I hope we do not have to depart too soon,” my son said.
Lighting her frightened face and the candle flickered. Bailey saw the handcuffs in my hand I jangled the cuffs. I clamped the silver-plated cuffs onto her wrists. Shoving Bailey outside and she had no coat, she shook her hands were blue. Trudging a fair distance I stopped and leaned against a rock, I cleaned the rifle.
      “Are you going to shoot me?”
      “My dear you will wish I had shot you when your moment comes.”
Bailey flinched. Smithson retrieved the tins, as I practiced the shots, he grinned. Slugging gin down my craw, Bailey examined the bottle hopefully. The Purifiers and the Darkest-One were annoyed with us and demanded we return to the haven, Smithson screwed his viewing-disks tightly shut, and quivered angrily.
      “Son you must reconcile yourself to the changes.”
He glared and walked behind Smithson could be very tenacious. Trekking down the track and we dragged Bailey, she screamed, the noise was getting on my nerves.
      “Do you want me to shut her up?” Smithson asked.
      “No the blood is pleasing to the Trees and the Archangel, but the screeches gratify the Voices,” I replied.

The Haven

On arrival, she stumbled into the shadowy interior of the shrine, and Smithson laughed when she crumpled to the ground, it was appropriate. Bailey was in a trance and did not register the taunts we tossed at her.
      “If she stays that way it will not be much fun,” my son said.
      “She will not I have come across this before.”

The Homestead

Caldwell sighed when we spanned the threshold and his torso moved, as he inhaled deeply.
      “Rhea did not have a problem with alcohol before she met you.”
      “Wise up you stand no chance of getting rid of me.”
He folded his arms. Plummeting onto the couch and Rhea was bombed.
      “I have to attend a meeting,” Caldwell said.
He slammed the door and hurried off. Jessie barged into the room and her short skirt ensured my brainpower was occupied. Arranging in the lotus position and Jessie was not wearing her undergarments, enchantment flared. Rhea opened her eyes for a moment. Dispensing two glasses of liquor from the table in the recess and Jessie smiled. Jessie’s breasts enormous and I kissed the globes, Rheanna stirred, researched us. Jessie accessed the hall, she inspected, Rhea hollered, and pounded my chest.
      “You can hardly stand and you are disgusting, I am going to see my new girlfriend later, she can speak without smelling of alcohol.”
Stumbling and Rheanna wobbled to the liquor, she snatched a bottle, and gulped.

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