Journals of a Psychopath



Twisted, psychotic, and very brutal my two psychopath's Clarkson and Smithson his son continue the mission.

The Haven

     “It is time,” the Orator said.
We became fully alert and yelping, we flounced to her abode. I opened the door, we rushed into the bedroom, Lady Flarice was scared, and she recoiled into the pillows.
      “This is my son.”
She recovered her composure.
      “I knew the stalker was someone who knew me Clarkson I am shocked, because it is you and for the reason that you both look the same.”
Pushing the gag into her mouth and I shackled Lady Flarice’s hands.
      “Connor and Mariel bore my wrath also.”
The realization pulsed in Lady Flarice’s center of consciousness, her eyes filled with terror, they darted to me, and then to Smithson.

The Purifiers and the Darkest-One

The expectation mounted, sighing ecstatically, the Woodlander Forms barged one another, and it was a demonstration to celebrate my ability. Impelling her onto her knees, Smithson tugged the gag out, he unfettered her hands Lady Flarice trembled in front of the Woodlander Warriors and the Archangel they were thrilled.
      “Now your mission truly begins,” the Purifiers and the Darkest-One said.
The black-angels winged in the heavens, then perched on the Wooden Forms, and their faces awesome, the Lady Flarice fainted. When she came to, Smithson whirled to the Lady Flarice. Elevating their wings, the capture eased the black angels and they glided to us.
      “This is your bride,” they said.
The host swooped to her and ministered to the Lady Flarice, she was petrified of the black-angels.


She was jubilant to see me and we threaded into Flannelys, it was packed. Jostling to the bar, I was head and shoulders taller than the other men were. Hanging down my strapping back, my hair was in a braid. Attired in an insulated jacket and my muscles obvious, the men and women noticed. The people at the next table were interested in us. The woman’s fingernails black and her lips glossed by ebony lip paint. Linda’s blonde hair was from a bottle, the man watched Jodi sexually.
      “Do you want a foursome?” The bottle blonde asked.
      “An orgy is what we want how about it?” The man laughed and said.
The man’s hair was slicked with oil and his smile was fixed.

The Pit Stop

     “At last,” Perry said.
      “Something came up,”
He fumed.
      “Be on time in the future.”
Accelerating into the workshop and Elaina's flesh of her belly had expanded.
      “Can you take me home? I am unwell.”
I summoned the will to be helpful and I led Elaina to the car. I drove Elaina back to her home. Checking around and Elaina’s apartment was untidy, magazines littered the couch, I moved the rubbish, and sat down.
      “Once our daughter is born you must keep the house neat, a child who belongs to me must be reared with order, and Rheanna did a brilliant task of raising Smithson.”
      “Rheanna lives in a huge farmstead and her father is rich, she has a servant to keep things running smoothly.”
      “Rheanna is the ideal mother and you must raise my daughter in the manner she has reared Smithson it is the example you must follow.”
I was telling lies.
      “I will not follow your girlfriend in the approach in, which she has nurtured your son. You share a daughter with me and it is entirely different. I am not rich in money, but I am plentiful in spirit. Under no circumstances will I ever be your little lap dog as Rhea is and everyone knows she abides your philandering ways.”
      “You seem to have it worked out, but what if I should leave you?”
      “There is no need to say that.”
     “Well I am not sure if I am going to stick around maybe I will abandon you.”

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