Welcome To Stripy Land



Hi, I know I have already posted this story. But I have gone back and edited this story, I am hoping to get your thoughts on a story done 6yrs earlier.

Oh yellow and welcome to Stripy land, where everything an everyone is stripy. In stripy land everyone drives an rides stripy cars, bikes. Even the trees, flowers an grass are stripy.

The rolling mountains with their snow peeks are stripy. All the buildings from the houses to the shops are stripy; even the neighborhood animals are stripy too. Stripy land is very stripy indeed.

Stripy land at night shows off its beauty. As the stripy sun waves us a good night as it's replaced with the bright rays of the moon. As the moon moves across the night sky, which dances with the colors of the rainbow.

What you may not know about the Stripy world, is that it has two sorts of people. Stripy an Bold colored people, who for the most part, live side by side in harmony.

They both enjoy swimming in the ocean. Which is a mix of blue and green strips. The sea creatures who also enjoy this beautiful sea are also a mix of stripy colors as well as single colors.

It’s not unusual to see a dark an light blue striped whale dancing in an out of the waves. Accompanied by light an dark blue grey Dolphins.
There are also schools of stripy fish going here and there with out a care in the world.

Among this rich sea life, is jelly fish who are a collage of many colors. Some even glow in the dark, which one would could mistake as dancing stars.

There is a wonderful town called Stripy town, where the people and the streets, foot paths and the roads as well as the houses, plus shops are stripy themselves. The motto of the town is “live stripy, be stripy.”

The best thing about the stripy world, is you play in the stripy park, while birds both stripy an sold colors chirp happily away. The best part of the stripy world, there is room for you and me. No matter if we are a sold color or stripy colored. The Stripy world is the place everybody wishes the could be.




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