Aftermath. Chapter fourteen...



On a beautiful spring day my daughter walked down those steps with grace and ease...

On a beautiful spring day my daughter walked down those steps with grace and ease. Lurking behind those windows, leering out of the leaded panes of glass, the darkness sneered after me.

  "Wherever thy be ... I will follow thee." it beckons.

  The little country church emerged into view: its tiny steeple stood proud among its elms, sweeping their aged crowns of glory.  It was one of the proudest days of my life: my proudest days were having my three children.

  There was a chill in the air as we stepped out of the wedding cars that had been decorated with fresh beautiful fragrant flowers. Ribbons had been draped along the car that fluttered in the gentle wind in greeting, and family members were waiting on the church steps for our arrival. Happy and smiling, we posed for the camera in all our finery: birds were singing ... deafening the darkness as it sneered, floating unheard along the breeze...

  Four week's later: I felt I had let the old man down: I was the only one who could transform it back to how it was . Tears filled my eyes remembering the joy I had felt when looking round for the first time, thinking I was home. But now look: less than two years and we are moving again...

  "Diane, come up here and look at your new house. I've got it on the internet," Dan called down.

  My daughter had beaten me to it. Gathering round in the little room, we began discussing colour schemes.

  It was a beautiful house. On our first viewing I felt I was back in the country. The back garden backed on to fields. You could see cows grazing ... ducks with their ducklings waddling their way down the dyke, climbing up the slippery embankment and taking her babies to rest a while. Pampas grass swayed elegantly. It was very tranquil and calm: just what we needed. "Come on let's get ter bed: it's getting late," I announced, stretching. Walking out of the room in single file, my daughter was the last. Trying to shut the door behind her, she looked like she was having a tug of war. And then I heard it slam shut.

  "Whoa... That wasn't me. Something was behind that door holding it back, slamming it shut behind me."

   I felt totally numb...I knew it was a warning... It was angry I was leaving.

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