An essay about my love for Rock music.

Res*ur*rec*tion definition: the act of restoring something from dead, to life.

So, I'm alive again. Not physically speaking but inwardly and musically speaking. The Veer Union resurrected me when I listened to all of their songs from their latest release, "Decade" I can't help but state in "another life" --I wish I was a Rock Star.

So moved was I, after listening to their music and watching several videos--I wrote this essay of sorts. I express myself best on paper.

I've evolved musically throughout the years. It was interesting growing up with a Native American dad and a Black mom with Caribbean and Asian roots. Interesting even more, my Mom loved R & B and Kenny Rogers. My Dad however, listened to a variety of Rock, R & B and Country too.

My Dad brought me my first radio when I was younger. The only station that existed on it was AM, therefore the majority of music played was rock, soft and hard. I loved it then and I loved those old Motown singers too. When I found myself going to mostly all white schools, especially in High School, some of my friends at that time were emerged in the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Jim Morrison.

...And then came my other peers. The pressure to "fit in" and the "Black people don't listen to Rock". They must have forgot, I'm not 100% Black. Well, I listened to those idiosyncrasies for many years with my mouth shut and my ears nodding secretly to the strings of guitars, banging drums and White boys singing their hearts out over frustrations, broken hearts and disgust with the government structured, sex, women and the high they got from Rock music. I love Rock, and hid my love for years.

For many years, I kept my love for Rock music hidden. It wasn't something I could share with anyone in my family until my kids came along. My youngest actually loved Rock too when he was younger but has since changed.

I however, will not. I'm sorry it took this long to come back to life. I've slept too long. I have completely overdosed on Rock music. I'm addicted. I don't just listen to the music; I listen to the words. Have you ever heard a song where the beat was so hypnotizing but then you listen to the words and say to yourself, "that is the dumbest song ever."

Before The Veer Union, there was Disturbed, Deftones, Godsmack (after finding out how they came up with their name...funny but cute), AC/DC (a few songs), Three Days Grace, Staind, Dark New Day, Solid State Logic, Sevendust, Static-X (RIP Wayne Static's unique presentation will be missed), Marilyn Manson (a few songs), Korn, Love and Death, Hinder, Evans Blue, Red, Earshot, Trapt, U2, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Coheed and Cambria, Bulletproof Messenger, Advent. Let's not forget the women of rock groups, Halestorm (screams Lzzy Hale's name), Evanescence, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar, Heart. I play these artists to death and then still continuing to uncover artists who are not new but new to me because I'm just now discovering their music.

Now that I have been freely and openly been listening to Rock music without any shame or care for what someone else thinks (even family members and/or relatives) --I'm happy and alive.

The Veer Union when I first heard them made me cry. Where have you guys been all my life? Kind of got the same feeling I got when I first discovered Breaking Benjamin and when they made their comeback. It's crazy. Now I've also discovered another few groups, Under the Flood, Testing Tomorrow (love the lead singer's voice), Saliva (a few songs) and Burn Season and oh my! I feel so alive so much so that I wish the I was the clothing designer, the director on the video set and the producer for some or all of these groups.

I can sing and I wish I was a Rock Star...BUT, that ship has sailed. I've reserved to just by the excited cheerleader. Of course, if I had vocals like Lzzy Hale, Oh Yeah! I'd be a super Rock Star--like right now. After being resurrected, I like this life and I'm gonna rock till I die.

The kicking drums, screaming guitars, and powerhouse vocals of rock artists will continue to soothe my soul and throwing my horns in the air.

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