Journals of a Psychopath



A must read novel.


Staggering into Deirdre’s home, as I did so, a cat scuttled up a tree, a dog barked. I was with Deirdre to gain access to her father’s circle of friends, and the deals. She linked the contract, my attention focused on her for that reason.
Her ears were large and deformed. Pallid skin was tight around her skeleton and it stretched over her repulsive body. Flat breasts spread across Deirdre’s chest. She desired to get into my pants often. Desire for sex diminished, as soon as I saw her. Dropping on her bed, I needed to be away from her. Moving to the edge, she extended her arm and stopped me. Trailing her hands over me, my male-tool did not respond. Deidre sat astride my manhood and she rode me until it became rigid.

The Trees and the Archangel

Untangling the ropes, I beat Brady until he was unrecognisable , my disposition was incensed I smashed Brady’s body, and sliced the flesh. The blood soaked my clothes I was so outraged I had not changed into the sacrificial robe. The Trees and the Darkest-One trilled, I wrote the Journal, and my wrath abated. Sitting against the Principle Tree and I flicked through the Chronicle, I relived some of the best incidents inscribed, the accounts never failed to please. Progressing even worse, since Brady associated with me, the mental illness seeped into my psyche. Collecting a hacksaw, cutting the ear from Brady’s head, I damaged his body even more. Tossing Brady’s body parts in a bag, the stones weighing Brady down, I threw him into the river. Taking off, I travelled the rough trail. Then I vaulted over the fences, hurried across the frozen- ground. I was concerned just in case someone saw me in the blood-steeped clothes. I skulked into my yard, I shoved the garb and sneakers into the metal bin, burned them.


 Chapter Four


Searching for me, as I smoked, I saw Joria surprise jolted. She marched by the Pit Stop and swivelling her head, Joria gawped. Rhea was due at the gas station and she could not resist me, Rheanna did not remain away for very long. I saw some dubious men I stayed in the yard to keep an eye on the duo. They scanned the forecourt. Walking from the yard, I began to fret, I thought they would return, I was ready if they did, I was not troubled about challenging the men if unarmed.

Inside the Gas Station

     "I think some trouble is brewing, I saw some chancers, they acted as if they were sizing up the gas station,” I said.
Those same men surged in the workshop, one poked me in the chest with the firearm, and warned me to stay put.
      “Give us the cash,” the thieves said.
      “The money is not here,” Perry replied.
The men knew the cash was on the premises and they looked menacing. Suddenly, a van rode through the doors. Three men strutted out, brandished rifles. Perry shrank into the shadows. Joe tackled the men, the bulkier one shoved his knife into Joe several times, falling to the ground and the gore soaked into Joe’s coveralls, coated the floor with tackiness. I edged to the doors, Perry scowled the men seemed preoccupied with Joe and did not notice. Inside the unused yard, perspiration scurried down my body, the glazed stupor apparent. Progressing sideways, I danced rhythmically upon one particular spot. Paying no attention to me the lower tree appeared disinterested. Breathing deeply, I noticed the birds I hold admiration for them. Choosing to reside in the trees, developing nests, the feathered-friends, utilise the trees to rear their young. I remained on the piece of land until I thought the men had gone. When I returned, the thieves had fled with Perry’s cash.
      “A lot of good you were! You should go,” Perry said.
“We cannot depart we are witnesses,” Harry replied.
Rhea attempted to access the gas station and pled, the cop barred Rhea. Following intense questioning, we ditched the Pit Stop. I filled her in.
      “Joe was knifed he is dead, he wrestled one of the gang who robbed us,” I said.
Rhea was shocked.
      Where were you?”
      “I was held at gun-point.”
      “Poor Joe, I liked him he always treated me with kindness.”
      “Joe was like most men he wanted to get into your panties.”
The Homestead

I anticipated sex, Rheanna hastened from the car, she ran into the farmstead, Rhea glanced back, I began to move my feet. Boning Rhea in the king-sized bed, she inspected with love. Handling my hair and Rheanna endeavoured to entice however, frustration prickled Mother had caressed my locks in the past.
      “What is wrong?”
      “Mother touched my hair in bygone days.”
      “I cannot see any harm in that what are you complaining about?”
Rhea kissed me and then widened her lips, the grin did not quite reach Rhea’s eyes she wanted me so bad she tolerated my dreadful behaviour.
      “There are matters you do not know about and I thank you not to put me down.”
      “I am sorry Clarkson, maybe if you told me about things I would not put my foot in it.”

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