Journals of a Psychopath.



Woe betide Connor the Lady Flarice's lover.

Lady Flarice's Work

Scrutinizing Connor, he chatted to her, and she adored him, she caused his death, I was mad, because of Lady Flarice’s infidelity. My patience was stretched, but I derived solace in the revenge plan, I wanted to make him repent.
Connor could not envisage the horror waiting for him I looked forward to his punishment.
Lady Flarice’s incarceration was set to appease me, and she would not know the stalker was I until then she would be shocked and terrified.
“The Lady Flarice’s honeyed-place in pure white silk-lace,” I sang.

The Haven

Walking to the bathroom, she stripped off I was entranced. Twisting the faucet and the water spattered onto the Lady Flarice’s body, the soap glided over her. Manipulating her clitoris, she climaxed. Dragging, the soft fluffy towel over her body, she sang. Exiting the bathroom, she crawled into bed. Lady Flarice drank her wine. Empty bottles of liquor were scattered around the room she enjoyed alcohol. She awakened early lacked a hangover experienced her wine and got away with adverse effects. Lady Flarice drove to Kruger Engineering and a flash from their copulating initiated anger.


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