Original Short Story of someone venturing into a world they wasn't prepared for...

I started to feel the burn throughout my chest. The feel of the morning air was attacking my lungs. My heart raced as I sprinted through the forest. My legs felt like they were vibrating as I stomped down on the crunchy leaves.

The setting was misty and dark. The sun was covered by the thick clouds and there was rumbling of thunder through the distance. The trees were dark and rigged as I ran past them. I ditched and dogged lose branches; I zigged zagged through the woods as I tried to run for my life.

Just as I looked behind me to see if I was being chased, I tripped over a covered branch and I tumbled to the ground. I caught my scream into the back of my throat as I hit the ground.  I could feel the ground vibrating as I tried to keep myself still, but my heart was racing. Everything in my body screamed in pain.

I closed my eyes as I felt through the darkness of my eyelids. My body felt numb as my breathing started to slow. 'I shouldn't have gone' I cried to myself. 'I should have stayed where I was'.

My mind was screaming in agony as I slowly started to lift my body. I could finally feel it. I could final feel the blood trickle down my back. I stood up from my spot and slowly limped my way to a steady tree bark. I leaned into it and I could feel the sharp stings down my back.

How could this happen? I trusted them. I trusted everything I had to them. My heart started to feel heavy as I took one of my shaky hands and reached over to my back. I could feel the fleshy grove and stump where my wings used to be. Just as I removed my hand over my wound, I started to see the crimson liquid on my fingertips.

Just then I closed my eyes and I started to deeply sob to myself. They hurt me. They held me down and snatched my wings from me. I slowly crouched down to the forest floor and started to weep. How could they do this to me? I let my anger reached the surfaced of my body and I lifted my head to let out a screeching scream. Just then I heard yelling and hard galloping of horses.

"Over here!" A strange man yelled from the distance. They were coming for me. I had to will up the extra strength I had left to run. I picked myself up and I started to sprint hard. I needed to get back home...home where I should of stayed in the first place. But I was curious. I wanted to know what was beyond the forbidden forest...I got my answer...

What are beyond this forest are cruel people that are destined to hurt you. But with their fake kind eyes, they lured me into their world...they used my kindness and tricked me into believing they were good. But no; all they wanted was my white feathered wings that could help me fly in my wings served many purposes. Now I'm deeply lost without them.

 I know where I need to go, I know where my home world lies...beyond the dark forest and into the Willow tree. But I have to will my body to run faster. I can hear the galloping of the horses behind me. They were fast and strong but not fast enough.

I can see the Willow tree straight ahead. 'I'm almost there' I encouraged myself. 'Keep running; do not stop'! My heart hammered in my chest as I can feel my body ready to give up. But I'm so close...

"She's getting away!" I can hear one of the men yell. They were so close to me that I could hear their horse’s hard breathing. I could feel a sharp hand reaching for me. I shouldn't of left my world...I should of stayed where I was...I thought of nothing but my broken spirit as I leaped my body into the Willow tree. I tumbled into my world with a hard hit. I laid there motionless. Battered and beaten.

But they didn't catch me...they couldn't kill me off...they only took my wings and my spirit. Now I just have to mend my wounds and try to stich my soul back up again....


 Janeen's Poetry & Short Stories

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