I dreamt of him last night...

I dreamt of him last night. Dreamt that things were at a good place for us. We were happy. He was motivated. Life was moving in the right direction. I was remembering all of the reasons I fell for him in the first place. A manifestation of the man he once was. I remembered the feelings I used to have when I was in his presence. The fireworks and butterflies accumulated in my stomach as I slept through the rejuvenated sensations of immense love. Then things took a turn… The picture became blurred. Happiness turned to sadness. Smiles turned to frowns. The room seemed to darken as my memory led me through the corridor of our lost love. I began to remember why we are no longer. I saw the love in his eyes convert to something else. Disappointment, judgment, jealousy, hatred even. The butterflies that once were a symbol of excitement were now signs of a deep-rooted anger threatening to boil to the surface.

A nightmare ensued. I realized I couldn’t stay; neither in the dream, nor the relationship. 


I dreamt of him last night. And when the dream turned to a nightmare, I knew I had to let him go…

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