From the book, The Judgement of Seth



From "The Judgement of Seth," While in 12th century Paris, Erish sees a strange, alien ship crash west of the city.

A blinding flash of light lit the chamber from outside. Not having seen electric light for centuries, Erish stood, dropping her sewing to the floor. Streaks of yellows and silver light, burned from the sky, brighter than the summer moon. The medieval city was lit as if in daylight.

“My Lady?”  Sister Aubine, the young initiate asked, standing from her work at the loom.

Erish walked quickly to the window. Below on the cobblestone street, men and women looked towards the sky in the east. Some gasped. A woman screamed. There, Erish saw, in front of the moon, a bright white light, burning like the arch of a welding torch, turning southwards.

“Surely, no one else is searching for me,” she thought to herself.

“Alert the guards,” Erish said. “Prepare the ship at the Little Bridge.”

Aubine’s eyes opened wild with fear as another flash, closer than the first, blinded them from the window.

“Alert the two strangers, they will come with us,” Erish instructed.

“The Spaniards, my Lady?” she asked.

Erish nodded.  “Keep this quiet. Tell no one.”

Two booms shook the convent. Dust fell from the ceiling. Aubine covered her ears and collapsed to her knees. “Perhaps the Messiah has returned,” she cried.

“Don’t be silly. Stand up, you foolish girl. Do as I say,” Erish shouted firmly.

Within a short time, Amun and Ptah, the Spaniards, dressed in medieval clothing, stood in the room with her.

“They are not Tayamni,” Amun said, referring to the white light they had seen earlier.

“Who then?” Erish asked.

Aubine knocked on the door, and peeked in. “The boat is ready, My Lady,” she said.

Aubine wondered that they did not speak during the voyage. Alien light reflected off undulating surfaces of the river. Unknown to the initiate, Erish, Amun, and Ptah communicated telepathically, sending questions, assessments, and images . The Tayamni would have come stealthily, hiding their arrival. Enemies would have been discrete as well. This had to be an unknown entity, or a ship in distress.

The sun was setting. But, in the distance, they could could still see a bright white light, not far from the river’s edge.

“That is coming from our ship,” Ptah said aloud.

Aubine looked at Erish, eyes wide.

“My child,” Erish said to her, “You will see things you must not describe to anyone. It is forbidden.”

Aubine looked at Amun and Ptah, then at Erish, wondering that they seemed to know each other. She closed her eyes tightly, praying to the Mother of God, as Erish had taught her. She squeezed a carving of the Goddess she carried in her cloak.

Erish looked towards the two oarsmen. “I am sorry, my friends,” she addressed them. “You must remain silent about what you see tonight.”

Pulling up to the shore, Erish stepped on sand. A smell of burning filaments filled the air, stinging their nostrils. She looked at Amun. “Do you have weapons?”

Amun patted a small pack he carried at his side.

Ptah nodded.

Looking at the oarsmen, Erish ordered, “Stay with the boat. Do not follow. Stay with Aubine.” Then, looking at the young initiate, she continued. “Stay here until summoned.”

As they turned into the clearing near where Amun had stored his ship, they saw it, tall and narrow, silver, gleaming. An almost blinding light shone from behind it. They had never seen a ship like this, so narrow, so tall.  

“Goddammit!” they heard a male voice exclaim, in 21st century American English.

The light behind the ship grew dimmer, and a man, dressed in a Kataru environmental suit, walked from behind it, towards them.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said to them, in 21st century French.

Amun walked in front of Erish and pulled the hood from off his head.

“Who are you?” he asked in English.

The man's mouth opened in surprise. “You speak my language,” he responded.

As they grew closer, they saw he stood two meters tall, with tussled black hair and tanned skin.   

“You don’t know anything about Dusmanyu engineering, do you?” he asked smiling broadly.

Amun stopped five yards from him, putting his hand over his blaster. “I will ask you again, who are you?”

The young man’s smile disappeared as he raised an instrument with a lighted display, pointing it towards them. “You are Tayamni,” he responded. “All three of you.”

Amun slowly removed the blaster from his side, pointing it at the young man.

“Hey, hey, don’t get all crazy now,” he said. “It's a scanner. I didn’t plan to come here.”

“Tell us who you are, or you will regret it,” Erish ordered.

“I love blondes,” he responded with a crooked smile. “I bet you could hurt me,” he smiled wickedly. Then, turning to look at the ship he saw the light behind it flash, then grow dim. “Goddammed piece of crap,” he yelled, kicking sand towards the vessel.

Amun fired the blaster at the ground in front of him.

“Hey,” he yelled, backing up, holding his hands up. “I don’t have shields , careful with that thing,” he said.

“We’re waiting,” Ptah said.

The young man walked closer to them. They saw his eyes were dark brown, almost black. He reached out his hand, as if offering a handshake.

“Alexander, but you can call me Shasha,” he said.

Amun walked closer and took his hand.

“Where in the hell am I anyway?” the young man, Shasha asked them.

“You are at 12th century France, not far from Paris,” Erish offered.

“Jesus!” Shasha said looking down at the ground.

Then, looking back up at Amun, he continued, “I think I crossed a dimensional barrier. Then, the ship started looking for Kataru. It was programmed to shoot you. I didn’t do it. It was that piece of crap ship.”

Amun, Ptah, and Erish all three looked towards the Tayamni ship Amun stored nearby. There it sat, their only way back to the Lunar base, a smoldering heap of burned metals.

Amun drew his brows together and pointed the blaster at Sasha again.

“Why are you here?” he asked raising his voice.

“If we can get that piece of crap  fixed," he began, pointing at the silver ship behind him, "we can use it to get back to civilization,” Shasha offered. “It brought me here from the Perseus Arm,” he continued. “Don’t know how. It's a time machine, programmed to look for Kataru and take ‘em out.” He looked at Erish hungrily. “I barely got away from them fuckin' robots…been travelin’ for six months at least. Ain’t seen a real woman in three years.”

Erish looked at him as if to warn him to stay away. But, instead, he walked closer. “I was born in 1977. I’m Glenda’s son, you know, the Priestess?”

“Who?” Amun asked.

“You know, Glenda. You never heard of her?” Shasha kept on. “I was caught in a raid in 2041. They were after Mom. You never heard of Glenda, really?”

Amun drew his brows together.

“You know, the Matriarch from Ancient Egypt? The house of Uanna? Her Ka went to my Mom.”

Erish shook her head.

"Impossible," Ptah whispered.

Amun lowered his blaster.

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