10 000 steps



Short philosophical ramblings on society and self.

"Today I walked 10 000 steps! It's almost 5000 more than yesterday!"

"How would you know that?"

"There's an application for my cell phone that calculates the distance I've walked almost to the exact meter."

"Wouldn't a gadget that detects movements also erroneously sum spontaneous gestures when you are just using it to write text messages?"

"Well, It's still the best I've done over the last week."

"Have you adjusted the distances to an approximate 10% error?"

"Not yet, but the statistics still look quite impressive. I'm making sure that I'm walking my way to the threshold of recommended 10 000 steps per day."

"What's the point of attaching numbers to everything you do and compare the results?" 

"If the digits increase it means I'm succeeding in reaching my goals."

"Was it an enjoyable walk at least?"

"It'll be after I'll walk the last 1000 steps."

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