Journals of a Psychopath



Psychosis a dangerous thing

The Malady

I avoided the psychotic drugs as often as possible, the result I continued the mission. When I administered the meds, the pills erased the urge caused the failure of my organ. The sexual impulses coursing through my body necessary to nourish the obsession, Muzzles took one look, scampered into the corner, a toy squeaked, when he sat down. Searching for the meds, I pulled the drawers out, and hunted for the tablets. Muzzles watched as I trudged around. Finding them, I threw the pills down my throat, and swallowed.
“Why are you looking like that?” I asked Muzzles.
His tail drooped and his eyes were dull he sensed my angst.
The Haven

A heart-shaped mirror reflected the items in the undersized shrine. Enhancing the silver cloth on the ornate table, the three black wax blocks represented the three dark-forces, the Wooden Forms, the Darkest-One and the Lecturer. Kindling the candles, the wax blocks illuminated some photographs of the Lady Flarice. In one picture, she displayed a Basque and stockings, I jerked, I could feel the triumph flood through my veins. Waving the incense stick and the shrine filled with pervasive scent, the swirls circled, rearranged, my incantations escalated.
“My lobes,” I sang.

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