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This novel sets place in the 1800's; discover a mythical world that contains magic, mystery, and adventure; with creatures beyond belief. Follow Fenriri as she is forced to face her greatest fears when she sets on a mission with new found friends as she learns about her mysterious past.

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*WARNING there is profanity among other things in this book so if that bothers you, I advise you not to read any further*

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Chapter one: New Therapist

Zelia entered the wooden, musky, building which instantly shaded her from the sweltering sun which scorched her skin. Her boots made the familiar rhythm as she stalked towards the woman at the front desk. "Hello, madam, ready for your appointment?" The woman asked, while smiling. "You will be in room seven today." Her hair was growing silver and yet she made certain that it was neatly placed atop her head before she went to her work with an undying passion. Her eyes would almost always get a couple sizes smaller as the contagious smile caused her eyes to squint. Zelia has never once observed her creating a fake smile towards anyone, no matter how annoying or rude. Her happiness radiated off of her plump, wrinkled, worn down face. Zelia couldn't help but smirk ear to ear before she responded.

"I am fairly ready Laura, I am not too keen on having yet another new therapist, however, I think I will be able to adjust. I always have adjusted to the others, why would this one be any different?" It was a rhetorical question, she was not expecting an answer in return. Laura only nodded, still smiling she waved her hands towards the door which led to the many other therapist's rooms. Zelia opened the door and it greeted her with an extremely loud and obnoxious screech as the rusted hinges threatened to give way; she entered through the doorway and continued to descend down the hallway until she was outside room seven. Zelia let out a sigh before opening the heavy, wooden door, and started to make her way towards her new seat. She always had hated the damp, pale, white walls and the smell of incense that consumes her nose from up to ten feet away from the door.

Zelia slowly sat down on the familiar brand of the cheap furniture; her new therapist grabbed her notepad and an old-fashioned pencil before crossing her own legs and taking a seat. "Greetings Zelia, my name is Doctor Harrison, how are you today?" Questioned Doctor Harrison, as she performed a feeble smile which didn't seem to quite make it to her hazelnut eyes. Zelia returned her a weak smile before stating that she could be better. "How about we start out with you telling me about your sister? The report states that she drowned not too long ago, is that correct?" Asked my therapist. Zelia cleared her throat before she started to speak. "My sister, Yuki, was only six years old when she left this world, and yes, she did indeed drown..." She said while a fresh, salty, tear escaped before it rushed down her cheek at the mention of Yuki's name. To Doctor Harrison's confusion, she wasn't quite convinced that Zelia was being sincere. The only hint that leaned towards the possibility that Zelia was lying was the very faint and petite curl of her lips, which gradually angled upwards when she stated her baby sister was dead. Zelia continued her speech, it seems like I recite this weekly, thought Zelia, my memories of my "beloved" sister still causes me such extreme, tremendous, pain. How will I ever recover? Zelia laughed mentally before she continued.

"It was fairly warm outside, Yuki and I were suffering from boredom as usual, so we decided to go to the lake which is located on our property. My sister was going to swim while I read at our pavilion. I remember reaching down to grab Yuki's petite hand as we skipped down the damp dock towards our lake. She finally tugged free out of my grasp and quickly bolted into the water as I made my way to the pavilion with my new interesting novel. I had received it as a gift when my mother came back from Izabisworth when she was acknowledged and accepted abroad into the university to study plants." Zelia paused, at least it should have been mine originally... Zelia forced herself to snap out of it, it is crucial for her to contain her act.

"To be honest, I have always been jealous of my younger sister... She always had my mother's attention, they even invented their own language together and wrote secret coded notes to each other. My mother gave me the book before she went insane; she wouldn't stop mumbling about how the accident causing my father's death was not actually indeed an accident. My mother kept rambling on about how monsters were the reason the boat sunk during their vacation. Which in my opinion is complete rubbish. It would make sense, however..." Zelia paused once again, while Doctor Harrison quickly scribbled down every word she spoke, including notes that she would not let Zelia view which definitely quite annoyed her. She begged numerous times to read what her therapist had written down, you would think she would have shared it since it was completely about Zelia; and yet she never did.

"After my father's death, she was never the same... She no longer smiled, or laughed, she just locked herself in her room or my father's studies. Well, I guess that isn't the one-hundred-percent truth, Yuki still contained the ability to make mother smile. She was the only one that could coax our mother out of her room; it didn't take Yuki much effort to get her to eat either. But I guess that doesn't matter; as long as she eats I am happy. As you could have guessed, I didn't have much of a childhood, I had to grow up fast in order to take care of Yuki. However, my butler, Mr. Yong, helped me greatly. IT was Mr. Yong and my responsibility to make sure my baby sister was prepared and ready for school; even though personally I have a private tutor, Yuki has always insisted on going to her public school. I packed her lunch, made her breakfast, I even cooked dinner and made sure I brought mother some food as well. A 'thanks' every once and awhile would have been nice... I washed her clothes, made sure she was properly bathed, and made certain she had proper hygiene. I always need to monitor that my mother is eating properly, if it was up to her, she would much rather waste away in my father's old study." Doctor Harrison could tell that while Zelia spoke she was holding her breath which was a sign of either panic or anxiety; she started to sway ever so slightly. Zelia gasped and quickly filled her lungs with much-needed oxygen. "What book were you reading?" The therapist interviewed, the corners of my lips faintly curved upwards into a smile as I started to go into detail.

"I used to read it to my sister every night before she went to bed, I was hoping it would encourage her imagination for this world lacks the knowledge of creativity, as I always say." Great, I am starting to quote my baby sister now... "As humans get older, they soon forget how to be imaginative. So I tried my best to encourage it for Yuki. It was about these incredible, mysterious, creatures that live in these very waters." Zelia started to explain, she flicked away a loose piece of hair which tickled her cheek. "The publisher stated that she had observed these creatures and that some are friendly and others will kill you just for sport." Doctor Harrison looked at Zelia before gesturing for her to continue.

"It explained how to capture these creatures, how to protect yourself from them, and how to make deals. For example, you could trade, as long as you have the upper hand in the trading." Zelia quickly noticed the facial features Doctor Harrison was performing, she clearly did not seem impressed by the type of books that were introduced to Zelia. She most likely finds it improper how I am filling my brain with what she would call fairy tales, I thought. Zelia glanced at the bookshelf beside her and of course, not to her surprise, it was filled with Insights of the Human FeelingsHow to be Healthy, and similar things.

"What was your sister up to when you were reading? Don't leave out any details." Questioned the therapist. "I always made sure I glanced at her frequently, just to be certain she was safe and out of harm's way. Every time I brought my attention over to her, I always found myself smiling at the pleasant sight of her splashing in the water having the time of her life. She made her way out of the lake to try to work on her jump, she always worried that she couldn't make a big enough splash so she worked on different "techniques" often. While I was waiting for Yuki to burst out of the water to take a breath-" I quickly cut off, this is when I'm supposed to cry... Zelia's vision quickly became blurry once more as tears started to form. She was able to improve her acting skills to make Doctor Harrison believe that no matter how hard she tried to keep her tears sustained, they always managed to burst free. "She never came out. I remember that my body instantly started to feel tense not seeing her rise out of the water." The only reason I even felt tense was because it was ruining my plan... Zelia sniffled and hurriedly started to wipe her crocodile tears.

"I set my book down and quickly scurried over to the side of the dock to see if she was just hiding and playing games." Zelia specified, letting out a faint chuckle. "She always was quite a trickster." Zelia gazed at the wooden floor, slightly smiling, remembering all the times Yuki has pulled tricks on her and actually made an effort to fight back. "I looked in the gloomy water, searching for her, I spotted my sister sinking to the bottom of the lake... The weird part was, she had a life jacket on. I still don't fully understand how she was rapidly going into the depths of the lake. Something was certainly preventing her from breaking to the surface of the water. An object could have been pulling her down, she was reaching her hand out, pleading for help. I remember seeing all the pain in her eyes, she was struggling to stay conscious from the lack of air-"

"How could you see the pain in her eyes if she was underwater?" questioned the therapist after raising a single eyebrow; she paused her writing for a single moment before Zelia answered.

"I know it doesn't make sense, I can't explain it that well. I could just tell that she was in pain, I saw the same look in her expression when she heard the news from the doctor about how our mother won't ever recover from her insanity; or when she was certain something was hiding under her bed." Zelia stated, "She would always run into my mother's-" Zelia quickly shook her head and corrected herself before she attempted a feeble laugh. "-I mean my room and quickly scrambled underneath my blankets, hugging my stomach until it was hard to breathe." Zelia looked over to Doctor Harrison, hoping she didn't catch her previous lie. Not noticing any signs given that her lie was detected; her large and heavy curls bounced as she shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind of unwanted thoughts. Realizing that she was getting off topic Zelia redirected her train of thought to the current situation. "Anyways, I flopped on my stomach and reached my hand out into the murky water. I finally was able to connect our hands together, and I gathered up as much strength as I could before attempted to pull her out. I was struggling, she didn't even move upwards an inch even though I was pulling with all my might. It was difficult not getting pulled under myself... I was worried I was going to dislocate her shoulder I was trying so hard. I felt her body slowly go limp, the last bit of air escaped her mouth and rose to the surface of the water. She was getting paler by the second, her black hair seemed almost like it was performing a slow and pathetic dance as it swayed back and forth. I remember that I started to panic even more. Yuki's small hand slowly slipped from my grasp as she continued descending deeper into the lake." Tears started to form in Zelia's eyes at this point; making her vision blurry. "I quickly stood before diving into the lake, I started kicking towards her, it was extremely difficult with my dress which I am required to wear at all times; my corset prevented me from inhaling much air as well. I slowly reached my sister and wrapped my arms around her waist, attempting to pull her up. No matter how much I tugged, she wouldn't budge, I looked down to try to figure out what was causing her to stay under." Zelia paused as her memories began to rush back, overwhelming her.

"What was keeping her under the water Zelia?" Doctor Harrison sharpened her pencil before gesturing for Zelia to give her the answer. "I honestly can't remember, I am almost positive that it was a rope of some sort. My tugging was only making it worse however, I am assuming that the rope somehow formed a slip knot around her ankle, for it seemed to only be getting tighter at my ineffective attempts to rescue her. I remember I started kicking out of instinct. I attacked the thing that was preventing me and my sister from breathing; It felt like I started to get punched all over, my body was getting sore, my lungs ached and begged for oxygen, and I knew I was running out of time myself. I didn't even want to imagine how Yuki must have felt, for she was under the water much longer than myself; not only that but the life jacket she was wearing was attempting to pull her up as well... Which only resulted in it slowly choking her. I was losing consciousness and I was getting weaker by the minute, I kept my hands wrapped around Yuki and continued to attack the water. I glanced over at her to observe how she was doing, I noticed her eyes roll back into her head; the image still haunts my nightmares. " Zelia muttered.

"How did you end up out of the water unharmed?" My therapist demanded. Zelia almost found it admirable how she didn't even seem the least bit sorrowful or sympathetic towards her, she just continued automatically writing down what she had spoken.

"To be honest, I have no clue how I had ended up out of the lake and onto the dock. It must have been for a while though because most of my clothing was dry, but then again the sun was blaring-" Zelia was interrupted before she could finish her sentence by Doctor Harrison's next follow-up question: "what emotions were you feeling at the time?" She asked. Zelia didn't even have to summon up an answer, she immediately knew what to say. "I instantly felt ashamed, abandoned, empty, depressed, and remorseful. I was in shock, I couldn't think straight, nor even control my mind to force my body to move." She stated, when will this session be overI am exhausted, the voice inside her head announced. She quickly glanced at the clock, just five more minutes of my storytelling, you can do this Zelia, and it's only five more torturous minutes, it isn't that much time. My therapist cleared her throat before she began to speak. "Have you gone to the dock since?" What the hell? Why would I go back to where my sister vanished and most likely died, which completely ruined my plan, I mean seriously? What the fuck even? She must have noticed the dumbfounded look that was implanted on her face, so Zelia quickly concealed her feelings. "No madam, I have not." Doctor Harrison gave her a smirk in response, and Zelia instantly returned her a confused and yet admirable expression in return.

"After you leave here and return home I want you to spend an hour at the pavilion. I think it will do you good," and with that, she stood up. The therapist put down her scrapbook which was scribbled with Zelia's and herself discussions with some additional added side notes.

Zelia has always dreaded her appointments, except there was something about Doctor Harrison that she found interesting; she couldn't place what it was about her... I cannot believe she is forcing me to go back there; every single time I even let my eyes wander towards the lake anger swells up my body. That is where Yuki, once again, had ruined my plans. It hasn't even been a month since the incident- Zelia shook her head, attempting to stay focused on the task she was performing.

By now Zelia was automatically walking out of Doctor Harrison's office, she wanted just to walk home to clear her head and breathe fresh air. She knew, however, that she couldn't do that for her butler is required at all times to wait for Zelia so he can escort her home. I curse this dress, it goes all the way down to my bloody feet and I feel like I can barely even walk! This painful corset definitely does not help at all... Zelia was starting to get infuriated at this point, she stomped out of the small building, not even waving goodbye to Laura before she retreated.

She gazed around seeking for her family's butler who should have been here waiting with her family's carriage. Zelia sashayed over to the ancient bench, she closed her eyes, welcoming the warmth that the morning sun provided; her arms were still covered in goosebumps from the previous session. She inhaled the fresh aroma of the scented wildflowers in the nearby woods, it had rained the previous night, and the ground was still damp in some areas for the morning sun still has not reached it. Zelia started to search in her leather satchel; both she and Yuki were given leather satchels as gifts this one year. She finally found what she was looking for and pulled out the book that she had previously mentioned to her therapist... Zelia flipped open the book to the current paragraph she was on; The Chimera.

"The Chimera: a Chimera is a well known monstrous, fire-breathing hybrid; its appearance is composed of parts from multiple animals. It is the most common breed and also the most frequently documented hybrid creature. These creatures favor the concept of honor, if one of them loses honor for to say, they will be instantly disowned until they are able to achieve whatever quest was given to them. If they are able to return, which is highly unlikely, they would instantly move down to the lowest rank, no matter what species of Chimera it is. There are many different ranks, ranks determine how strong the Chimera is unless they were disowned. There are Chimeras that are called Royals. I yet to have picked up their language which is identical to the fairy folk language and others which I will list later. I know a couple of words and phrases in their language such as "diah" which is "hello" and/or "hi." "Yameh ti Verti Fier Wandeheru tengur entia bemanutill co kaylu amher granesu es co be hieht granesu ferroi eterunety behnu entia riehashu." Which translates to"May the Great Fox Spirit grant you permission to walk among her and to be with her for eternity after you perish." This language is actually used by multiple races, including their Zus Tam, (Sister Tribe) which is the Sphinx tribe, Rieto Niigiiq (Fairy Kingdom), and the Cerberus tribe, along with Vi Wandeheru Tam. Speaking of Rieto Niigiiq, one of my personal favorites, their kingdom is mainly dominated by pixies (the dominant species there). Pixies range from two feet to three feet tall; one of the largest fairy kind, fairies also habit Rieto Niigiqq, their sizes range from two inches to about half a foot. Actually, their numbers are largely greater than the pixies number, except pixies are infinitely more powerful. The fairies and pixies work together; the pixies offer them protection if they build their homes. Fairies are similar to bees on Earth. They will chew wax until it's soft to create gigantic beehives, they use the chambers in the bee hives for storage for their food, for their homes, etc. The pixies will then use some of their spells as a defense, guarding the hives. Fairies can also manifest saliva which is similar to our tree sap and syrup; they will use this spit as a concrete substance. Fairies and fairies only have the ability to harden their spit which results to a gorgeous material which is tremendously powerful and stronger than any human can forge. Other uses this material can be used for is weapons, armor, traps, jewelry, and glass. When they're creating their native glass, they will stretch the sticky-spit across two different materials, they will continue stretching until it becomes translucent; then they will speak their ancient spell in order to harden it. Often not only humans but other creatures as well would hunt the fairies in an attempt to harvest the materials. This resulted to the fairies seeking refuge at the pixie's land, where they reside to this very day. When the fairies are helping with defense, which is extremely rare for the pixies are bred to be powerful warriors, they will use their sappy-spit and lay it out as traps. Once the unlucky soul steps even a single foot into their trap, they will quickly chant their spell and harden it. Then the fairy who was assigned to that area, will scream their native battle cry and release this pheromone which will summon numerous fairies to their location. Then the fairies will use their numbers to slowly consume the enemy; imagine thousands and thousands of fairies swarming over your helpless and immobile body as they slowly chew away and devour your flesh.. (More information about the Sphinx and the Cerberus is included in the next chapter.) The phrase I recently stated before, "Yameh ti Verti Fier Wandeheru tengur entia bemanutill co kaylu amher granesu es co be hieht granesu ferroi eterunety behnu entia riehashu." is a commonly known phrase, since the Chimera are extremely honorable they will speak this phrase before attacking anyone. They will never perform a surprise attack unless it is absolutely needed and necessary. Rogue Chimeras, however, do not speak this phrase before attacking, they completely ignore the clan of Chimera's rules, leading to their banishment. Through a little more observation, I discovered that the Great Fox Spirit is their goddess. They worship the Great Fox, which is the White Fox and the Black Fox combined-yin and yang-they are in a repetitive dance, granting their followers immortality after death. The White Fox and Black fox keep balance, one good, the other bad. The white fox contains every man, creature, etc. sins, as the black contains hope, love, happiness, etc. As I mentioned before, according to the Chimera's strength, that will affect their appearances and rank, the average Chimera contains: a snake body that breathes fire, (which is located where the tail usually would be), a lion head remains in the front of the body usually, with sharp fangs and talons it proves to be quite a deadly and dangerous creature. A goat head grows between the shoulder blades of this mighty beast, some Chimera only has fur covering their bodies, others have scales mightier than any armor us mere humans can manufacture. Their average size that I was able to observe and document are about two large bears in width, and on average is around as tall as the typical war horse. When I was following these creatures and observing their behaviors, I came to the conclusion that-"

"Good evening madam, your carriage is ready. I apologize for running late, the horses were quite bothersome. " Zelia jumped at the sudden noise which resulted in her scolding herself for letting anyone sneak up on her.

"You startled me, Mr. Yong," She stated as she placed her book holder into her novel then returned it back into her carrier. Mr. Yong quickly bowed his head in shame, "I humbly apologize madam," Zelia completely ignored his apology. She strutted over to the carriage, Mr. Yong quickly scurried past Zelia and opened the side door before she had reached it. She placed her satchel on the velvet cushion and took her seat. Zelia's butler made his way to the front of the carriage, he grabbed the reins and they were off. They sped down the windy, dirt, road leading towards their humble, "innocent", home.


It didn't take very long before they reached the mansion that they both called home. The horses hooves grinned through their current route, forcing the carriage to withstand a rapid speed towards the pathway aiming directly at their home. The wheels kicked up gravel and sputtered loose stones which shot like bullets, making it problematic to gaze out the window through the cloud of dust. They wheeled around the wide driveway so that Zelia's door on the carriage was facing the walkway, leading to their home, Mr. Yong stepped off and walked over to her door in one swift motion. "Welcome home, madam Zelia." He stated once again, while opening her door.

"Thank you, Mr. Yong," Zelia replied, she grabbed her satchel and headed towards the front door to her mansion as the wind raked through her hair, bringing the familiar scent of agony.  


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A/N: The first chapter was more of a quick prologue for-to-say.  I've actually already have written the first five chapters already, however, I am only publishing the first two today, then one every week, (most likely on Sunday.) I hope all you fabulous readers of mine stick with me(: and thank you all! I couldn't have done it without my cousin, Tigerlily. <3 


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