Aftermath. Chapter fifteen...



A canopy of darkness loomed...

   A canopy of darkness loomed. An overhanding cloud of dismal sullen energy threatened to cascade upon us. A wall of blackness blocked our view. There was no way we could see an escape route to brighter skies.

  I had only seen Shaun a couple of times. When I did he always asked me the same thing.

  "You still married then?"

  "Why do you always want ter know whether I'm still married?" I had asked him with a note of frustration.

  "Because while you're still married nothing could ever happen between us." He knew things weren't right in my marriage. He couldn't understand why we were still together. Did he still remember that night ... that night that I remembered so well ... too well ...? Was that the reason for his questioning? Did he go to bed at night wishing I was there.

  The chemistry was too strong: we knew we couldn't avoid temptation if temptation arose. And it did one October night.

  Walking ahead of me, he held the door like a true gentleman. Suddenly the stars appeared to sparkle with more intensity as we walked into the night. We held hands while walking in the park: a shower of fallen golden leaves guided our way. The sweet scent of dew ignited my senses.

  Suddenly he took me in his arms and kissed me. It was a kiss with urgency and abandonment. I gave in to its sweet surrender, sending shivers down my spine. I felt I would stumble if he wasn't holding me tight. I had dreamt of this for years, from the very first time I saw him walk up our street with his hands in his pockets...

  Three years went by and I still wanted Shaun with a passion so intense it hurt. But my family had to come first.

  But now with the two younger ones gone there was nothing left to stay for.

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