Journals of a Paychopath.



The novel is narrated by the psychopath himself. Clarkson is brutal and cruel, he sacrifices silvery blonde haired women. His Lady Flarice is imprisoned in the isolation chamber. Take a peek

Lady Flarice’s Work Kruger Engineering

Wiring her office a few days before in the night, I sat in a tree I plotted the plans pertinent to the psychiatrically insane. Lady Flarice looked anxious and I knew she was puzzled about my activities.
“The stalker is still entering my home, but the thing is I am not afraid,” the Lady Flarice said to her associate.
I saw her colleague’s face was fat and Mariel’s nose small, Mariel's hair appeared fine and wispy, I disliked her.
“It has been going on far too long you should tell the cops.”
“They would think I am bonkers, especially if I said he has consigned pure white silk in the cubbyhole, and impounded a figurine from the shelf.”
She frowned.

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