Ntuthu The Mountain's Child 3



Inspired by the great towering mountains of the savanna as they pop out in the horizon they tell a story of things that are far from them and they make us imagine what it’s like to go beyond what we know.In these tales we will follow Ntuthu as he tells us the third part of his story.

The mountain had always been my source of inspiration every time we would go up to  the top with Khosi it was wonderful to see the places far from us and to see the other mountains in the distance with blankets of clouds covering them. The village we came from looked even smaller and from the top we could see all that was going on down there.

We spent most of our afternoons on the top of the mountain then one day while looking out on the paths leading to our village. There was a man running towards the foot of the mountain it was not clear what was going on but it seemed the man was running away from a group of people who were chasing him. We ran down to the man as fast as we could use the smooth rock to slide down.

The moment the man saw us coming down from the mountain he changed direction and went into to the bush because he thought we were also part of the people who were chasing him. As he ran in the bush he fell over a rock and his clothes got caught on a thorn bush that was how we managed to catch up with him. When we got to him we shouted that we wanted to help him not to hurt him but he was out of breathe and could not say much he just lay down holding on to his bag. We explained to him again that we wanted to help and he started saying some word we could not understand at first until he said it again “robbers, robbers, robbers”.

Ah so he was being chased by robbers it was probably because of the fancy bag he was carrying that is what the robbers wanted. I asked Khosi to help me free the man from the thorns that had caught him then l told the man to take out all of the things in the bag. The robbers were getting closer now l took some stones and put them in the bag then threw the bag on the path where the robbers could see it. I knew that while they tried to open the bag we would get some time to run far from them.

Khosi ran back to the top of the mountain with the man and l ran behind them watching out for what the robbers would do next. As we got up the mountain l remember the rocky places we had been sliding down on. I told Khosi to hide on the first rocky patch he saw the robbers were very close l could hear trees breaking behind us.

When l got to the rocks we started throwing the smaller rocks and rolling the bigger ones down on the robbers. This made it difficult for the robbers to chase us they had to hide behind big trees or rocks to avoid being hit by our rocks. We threw as many as we could while moving further up the mountain however this plan would not stop the robbers for long. So l started burning the dry grass on the mountain to alert the other villagers and hoping that Baku and Baku were close by to help us.  

The robbers had slowed down and we saw a chance to run into the caves which had tunnels connecting them. These tunnels had been used by the Bhubesi mountain guards a long time ago and we knew our way around the tunnels very well. So we kept walking through the tunnels and caves until we got to a cave that had a clear view of the village.

We could not see the robbers anywhere near us so we quietly walked down to our village gate and there was still no sign of the robbers when we got to the village gate. The guards told us that Baku and Baku had already heard us throwing rocks and they had gone to search for us. It was a relief to hear this so we took the rich men into the village to rest and wait for the Baku brothers to return. When they came back they told us how the robbers had ran in different directions when they got to them and we spent the rest of the night talking about how the caves and tunnels had helped us escape.

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