Submerging myself down into warm water, I allowed the bubbles to do their work

  Submerging myself down into the warm water, I allowed the bubbles to do their work, I tried to keep my mind from wandering. I closed my eyes weary from the sleepless nights. Tonight, hopefully, I will be able to sleep...with the help from the sleeping tablets. I may even try going to bed. But just maybe I'm being a bit too adventurous. I'll try in a couple of nights.

  Pouring myself a glass of wine, I decided to watch the DVD of my daughter's wedding, with everything that has happened I never got round to watching it. Curling up on the sofa and switching the play button, I smile at myself getting out of the wedding car. I looked so happy there. Who would have thought of the tragic events that would take place.

  And then I heard it while I was posing for the photographer: a clear warning from the voice I had heard years ago. I would know that voice anywhere.

  Nooo...It threatened me along with the chirping of the birds and the rustling of trees. I sat in total shock.

  "Oh dear God, it's still with me." I spoke out loud The atmosphere around me suddenly felt hostile. I felt the walls closing in, its foulness permeating all around me: I felt it snigger at all the devastation I've had to endure. It' done what it set out to do. Its stripped me from everything leaving me broken and alone...


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