A Modern Fairy Tale Romance (Chapter 1)



When I was just a little girl My momma used to tuck me into bed and she read me a story It always was about a Princess in distress And how a guy would save her and end up with the glory I’d lie in bed and think about the person that I wante...

When I was just a little girl

My momma used to tuck me into bed and she read me a story

It always was about a Princess in distress

And how a guy would save her and end up with the glory

I’d lie in bed and think about the person that I wanted to be

Then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn’t for me

-Cinderella,Tata Young-

Modern World

Hillview Town


HILL View Town, a small city with an average-sized population with all the usual amenities of shopping malls, restaurants, and parks, beaches, lakes, rivers, a transit system and four distinct seasons with changes in climate.

The population was fairly friendly.

At the Northern coast of the Town, stood a high-density condominiums, ‘The Stars’. One of the residences that were living in there, was the Romans Family.

The Romans consist of Mrs. Rosy Romans, a forty-three years old widowed and the mother of three grown up children. Her twin sons, the oldest one was named Dean and the youngest of the twin, was James Romans. Both were twenty-four years old culinary chefs.

Finally, the youngest child, Anya Romans, was a twenty years old, and Second Year Literature Student.

Originally, they were a family of five. Unfortunately, due to an tragic traffic accident that had taken the life of Head of the family, they were left only four.

Now only two remained in the apartment due to the absent of the two sons who had left their home in order to pursuit their dream professions.

Dean became a sauté chef, while James became a pastry chef. Both of them had joint forces by opening and managed their own restaurant overseas after they had graduated from a famous Culinary School.

In a small yet comfortable room painted in light olive green wall, with few self-painted paintings hanging on the wall, the youngest of the Romans’s family was currently in a deep sleep.

Her soft, straightened and shoulder-length chestnut hair spread all over the pillow on the single bed. Sleeping comfortably beside her, on its own small soft pillow, was her bed-mate and roommate, a kitten named Casey.

It was raining drizzling on that day, at six-fifteen o’clock in the morning.

It was still too early for the young college student to wake up and faced what new challenges that await her on that day.

Five more minutes.. No. make it ten more minutes.

Anya Romans sighed softly as she buried her face deepened into the pillow.

She let out another long sigh before letting sleep once again seducing her when a loud thumping sound came from her walk-in wardrobe that was facing her bed, instantly woke her up.

Even the little Casey, was rudely awakened by the sound.

Hazelnut eyes stared wildly at her wardrobe. Anya instinctively grabbed a wooden baton hanging beside her bed.

Her overly-protective brothers had bought her a baseball bat and insisted she kept it inside her bedroom, just in case an intruder or burglar broke into the house, before they’d left home five years ago.

Last year however, Anya had called upon her brothers and told them that she had broken the bat after she’d beaten some guys who wouldn’t stopped harassing her best friend at college.

Dean, Anya’s strict and no-nonsense older brother had been greatly upset that she had broken the bat in the first place. Nevertheless, on her Nineteenth birthday last year, he had couriered her a gift: a replacement for the bat — a baton, with a promise that she would use it wisely this time.

Anya walked toward to the wardrobe, with Casey followed closely behind her. As she approached, she could hear noises of someone hissing inside the wardrobe.

As quietly as she could, Anya pulled her heavy study chair out from its place and pushed it against wardrobe’s door. Anya quickly grabbed her kitten, not forgetting her smartphone on the small table beside the bed, and hurriedly get out of the room.

She ran to the first room closest to hers—Dean’s room. Carefully, Anya put Casey inside while telling her to be quiet and stay there for a little while.

Afterwards, she rushed toward her mother’s room, at the end of the corridor. Anya knocked on the door twice and hurriedly entered.

“Mama, Mama! Wake up! Wake up! There’s someone in my wardrobe!”

With one trembling hand, Anya clicked on the number ‘4’ of her speed dial and waited for the other person to pick up.

Upon hearing the news, Rosy Romans instantly sat up straight on her bed. Her short messy dark brown hair was all over her head. She stared blankly at her one and only daughter, waiting for the words she had said to her to register in her brain.

Once everything started pieces together, Rosy looked at her daughter, terrific and greatly in shock.

“Oh my God! Honey, are you all right? Did they hurt you? Josh! Call Josh right now! Right now!”

“Yea, Ma. I’m fine and I’m calling him right now. I’ve locked whoever the damn bastard is in the wardrobe and secured it with my study chair. C’mon, Josh.Pick up the phone already, ya lazy bum!”

No sooner than a couple of minutes, a lazily male voice answered the phone.


“Josh! Thank God you pick up. I’m so sorry to bother you first thing in the morning. I’ll get straight to the point — there’s a freakin’ burglar in my wardrobe!”


“I’m in Ma’s room now. I’ve locked whoever it is in the wardrobe and secured it with my chair. Come here as fast as you can, please?”

“Okay. I’ll be there in a minute. In the meantime, I want you and your mother to wait outside! Stay outside, you hear?”

“Got it. Thanks, Josh.”

Anya hung up the phone and told her mother what was instructed to her.

As prior by Josh’s instruction, Anya and her mother, along with their kitten in her small cage, were standing outside of their front door in a cold morning.

They waited in less than a minute before a dashing young man in his late twenties, with a retro hairstyle and in a police officer outfit, came rushing toward them.

Behind him, two other men with the same attires followed him.

“Anya! Rosy! Are you two all right?”

“We’re fine, dear. Although, my blood pressure is a bit high from hearing the news.”

“You’ll be fine.” Josh turned to the two policemen and signalled them to go in. He then turned to face the two ladies again.

“Stay here.”

Again, they were forced to wait outside. Their neighbours who were heading out for works, saw them waiting outside of their door, wandering what was going on and decided to ask them.

Anya briefly told them what had happened.

In the middle of explaining the situation, a loud shouting came from the inside of the house.

“You’ve mistaken me! I would never harm nor would I ever wanted to do anything indecent to a fair young maiden!”

“Oh yeah? Well, how do you explain why you were in her wardrobe in the first place, pervert?”

“I am innocent! I’ve came to your world with a single purpose — to meet up with my lovely Marian! But for a mysterious reason, I ended up being in here!”

“Save your words later, sicko.”

As the two policemen dragged the intruder outside of the house, their eyes suddenly met.

His deep olive eyes were the first thing Anya noticed. Eyes that filled in with so much joy and loved. It was very different from what she’d imagined what the burglar would looked like — scary and perverse.

Next was his face — a face that she knew would made any girl drool. His smooth, sun-kissed tanned skin complexions looked good on him and would made anyone jealous. Then his height; tall and slender muscular frame.

Finally, Anya noticed the weird clothes on his body. They looked something like from the Medieval Era or from Fantasy books.

Despite his great appearances, none of it applied nor matters to her as her blood began to boil.

“Pervert.” Anya muttered with gritted teeth. Not loud enough for everyone to hear, but just enough so that only he could hear.

Which he did hear clearly in fact. His eyes grew widened and his innocent-looking face turned into a deep surprise. The man didn’t even had the chance to say anything when the policemen roughly pushed him forward.

“What are you looking at? Move it!”

Not long after the policemen had taken the man away, Josh came out with a piece of cigarette on his mouth, shaking and scratching his head.

“Unbelievable. First thing in the morning too. Hell, I haven’t even had my morning coffee yet.”

“Sorry, Josh.” Anya smiled apologetically.

Josh shook his head. Years of police training, he had never once encountered a case like this. Sure, there were cases where a perverted burglar and intruder broke into a house. But this was the very first time he heard an intruder who had strongly claimed that it wasn’t his intention at all to break into ‘a fair young maiden’s chamber’ in the first place.

Really, who the hell use that kind of sentences in the twenty-first century any more?

Letting out a heavy sigh, Josh knew how the rest of his day was going to be like.

“Perhaps you would like to have a cup of coffee before you leave, Josh? I’ll make my special coffee just for you.” Rosy offered with a motherly smile.

“No thank you, Ros. Another time, maybe. I should probably hurry up and check on how on the guys are dealing with that pervert at the station. Oh, by the way, Anya, I’m afraid as for now, your room will be use for further investigations. I couldn’t find anything unusual from our friend just now. But just to be clearly safe, you are not allow to use the room until I say so. Understood?”

Anya groaned loudly.

While her daughter was busy grunting and muttering that was so unfitting for a young lady, Rosy walked the young policeman toward the front door.

Josh spoke something to the older woman, who nodded and waved him goodbyes as he left. With a final goodbye, she gently closed the door and locked it.

Rosy looked at her one and only daughter who was still muttering swear words as she walked in paced back and forth, and sighed. Really, she knew that she gave birth to a daughter. Yet, at times, Rosy felt like as if she had given birth to a third son instead.

Sighed heavily, she turned to look at the clock.

Oh dear. She’s not going to like this.

“Anya honey, isn’t it the time for you to get ready for school? It’s already seven forty-five. You’re gonna be late for class if you don’t hurry up.”


Fifteen minutes after a quick shower later, Anya was ready for school. Dressed in a simple three-quartered sleeves blouse with small pink floral patterns and black jeans, she stared at her reflection at the mirror while applying the daily moisturiser and the beauty cream.

Anya had gathered all her stuff into a small box earlier, and put it on top of a king sized bed that wasn’t even hers. In fact, the whole room wasn’t hers at all.

It was James’s room. She had decided to sleep in James’s room while her room was being under investigations.

Why James’s room one might ask? Simple. It was because, compared to Dean’s room, James’s room was more neater and cleaner even for a bachelor’s room.

Plus, she was more closer to James more than she was with Dean. Their father had died due to a traffic accident when the twins had been fourteen, and Anya had been ten years old.

Everyday after school, Dean would helped out their mother managing the family’s business — a Bakery-Cafe shop, while James had to stay at home to take care of Anya.

When Anya had been old enough to take care of herself at home, James had joined Dean to help out their mother with the shop.

It was then the twins’s love and interest for culinary begun to develop and grown, up until they’d finished high school and finally decided to pursuit it professionally.

While the twins pursuit their dreams for culinary, Anya did not shared their family’s dreams. Instead, she’d found herself fascinated with words and literature, like her belated father, who had been an Author for Children’s Books.

Anya enjoyed listening to their daily stories at the Bakery —whether it’s about the cafe itself or the customers, she had enjoyed writing stories about them.

It had been during her high school years that her passions for writing began to grow. Anya had written a story titled ‘Everyday Life At The Bakery-Cafe’, that made her won the first place in a story competition, and had her seriously pursuing her dream to become a novelist.

Anya let out a sigh of relief after making sure that she had all that she need for today’s class.

Again she checked herself at the mirror, she looked decent enough for school.

Grabbing her bag on the floor, she bent over and kissed Casey who was sleeping on James’s neatly folded blanket.

“Bye, darling. I’ll be home soon before you even know it.” Anya then made her way out of James’s room and was just about to make a turn to the left, when she suddenly stopped.

Groaning to herself, she headed to her own room to get something that was very important she’d forgotten to take along with her while packing her stuff.

Slowly opening the door, Anya looked around the room. There was a yellow ‘Do Not Cross Over This Line’ taped at the entrance of the walk-in wardrobe.

The light from the sunlight shone through the curtains of her room. Not too dark nor entirely bright either. Carefully stepping into the room, she pushed the curtains to the side so that the sunlight would come in.

Casey meowed at the door before making her way to her Mistress. Anya smiled, pulling it into her arms, and kissed on it’s forehead.

“Sorry, babe. We can’t use or sleep in our room for the time being. Don’t look at me like that. Blame that stupid-pervert-innocent-looking-bastard who was in our wardrobe this morning. Anyhow, I’m just going to get something so you just stay outside, okay?” Gently, she pushed the kitten to the door, and closed it.

No time to waste, Anya began to search for the thing she was here for — her assignment papers that she needed to submit by today.

Aha! Found it.

Grinning to herself for the small victory, Anya took the assignment papers that were lying on a rather messy study table, filled with drafts, notes and papers. She made double and triple check to make sure that it was the right papers.

Nodding to herself, Anya was just about to make her way to the door when something caught her eyes inside the wardrobe, on the ground — a small leather pouch.

“What the heck?” Anya frowned deeply and walked toward it. Slowly, she bent on one knee and narrowed her eyes. “Did that bastard actually left his belonging?! Ugh!”

Something fell from the pouch — a golden ring.

Anya looked at the ring on the floor. She was just about to take it when there was a knock on her door. The door opened and she was greeted Rosy’s warmly face.

“Honey? What are you doing in your room? Didn’t Josh said not to come in? What’s that?” She pointed out at the pouch.

Anya scooped the ring with one hand and put it inside the pouch.

“Bastard must have dropped it when they took him away. Why didn’t Josh took it when he was here?”

“Hmm, I wonder. Oh yeah, speaking of which Josh, he’d told me earlier he wanted you to go down to the station after school. He needs you to testify on the case. Will that be okay?”


Rosy nodded her head. “Maybe you should take that pouch with you and give it to Josh when you see him later? Use the tissues.”

“Whaat? Why won’t he asks someone to come and get the damn thing! I’m not gonna touch it.”

Rosy let out a sigh. “I won’t be at home until late evening today. The shop needs me. Honey, please, just do it. Also, you’re running really late now.”

Letting out another ‘crap’ from her mouth, Anya quickly took the pouch, kissed her mother on the cheek, and said her usual greetings, ‘goodbye and have a nice day at work’ greetings, before she raced to the school.

Shield’s Academy

Hillview Town

7:50 A.M

“STOP! Please stop hurting him!”

A young woman with long golden hair, smooth and flawless skin, watched helplessly as a group of gang-members surrounded a bespectacled, geeky-looking young man.

The man had a straight,chin-length raven hair that framed his face. He had a fair-skinned, and ocean-blue eyes that were glaring at the gang-members.

“Steve!” The young woman cried out.

Her rich emerald eyes grew widened when one of the gang landed a blow on Steve’s stomach, causing the weaker man to spit some blood and dropped on his knees.

“Hah! This weakling piece of meat can’t even protect his own life! How the hell could a guy like you ended up with such a fine looking babe anyway?!”

“Max, leave him alone! He’s much of a better man than you’ll ever be!”

Max instantly stopped laughing. He turned his head slowly, and looked at the woman who had just insulted him.

“Come again,sweetheart?”

“You heard me. Steve maybe frail but he has a golden heart! Something that you’ll never have!”

“Why you little bitch!” Max took a few menacing steps forward and toward until the beautiful blonde was trapped against a wall.

“Emma!” Steve cried out. He was about to get up on his feet once again when one of the gang-members knocked him down again with his heels.

Max smirked proudly. “You’ll regret for saying those words to me,babe. I’ll make sure that ya’ll be begging for mercy.”

He got a hold of her arms in tight grip and pulled her closer to him. So close, Emma could felt his breathe on her face.

“Emma...” Steve grunted. “G-Get away from her! EMMA!”

Instead of shutting her eyes, Emma glared sharply at Max, baring her teeth at him as his lips getting closer to her own when suddenly, something powerful had sent him off flying, thus, releasing Emma from his grip.

“Didn’t I told you jackasses to stay away from my friends?”

“Shit! It’s Romans!”

Anya Romans glared sharply at each one of the gang-members, with her hands on her hips. Sweats were dripping off from her chin but she didn’t care. Her soul felt like it was a burning fuel at the sights of her two best friends being bullied by these bunch of losers and jackasses.


It didn’t help that she kept on thinking about this morning’s incident on the way here, and also the fact that she did not got her usual morning coffee yet had made her mood twice the worse.

Max finally got up to his feet, spatting another broken tooth — his fifth of the week.

“Mornin’, bitch."

Anya narrowed her eyes. “This the last warning, Max. If I see you or your gang-members one more time come anywhere near them again...” She clenched her white knuckles.

“You and I are going for a fun ride at Knuckle-Town. That’s right, jackarse. Knuckle-town!

Max spat again. Another tooth fell off. He glared dangerously at the petite woman, and gave her a rude finger gesture, before leaving with his gang, like nothing happened.

He did however, released all of his rage to an innocent dustbin nearby by kicking it so hard it flew to the opposite side of the wall, and even shouted obscene words to anyone who dared to say or even looked at him.

Anya huffed, before turning to her two best friends. “You two alright?”

“By okay, do you mean, not getting punched on the face? Then yes, I’m okay.” Steve ‘Staven’ Aaron spoke as he got up to his feet with the help of his girlfriend.

He cleaned up his dirty glasses before putting it back on. He then smiled wearily at his saviour.

“Thanks Anya. Things could have gotten worse without you around.”

“Eh, don’t mention it.” Anya shook off the dirt on her shoulder. “So, class?”

The trio, well known throughout the whole campus as the unusual ‘Cripple Triple’.

Emma being the most popular girl in campus, ended up with Steve, a billionaire nerd in the town, and finally, Anya, the smart yet fearsome student who was also acting like their personal bodyguard.

An unusual combination indeed.

The trio had been the best of friends since their high school years. Anya and Steve had actually known each other back when they were toddles and had grown up together since. Steve was born from a very wealthy background with a family that owned a long generations of an I.T company.

Even with their wealth and fortunes, his family was very humble and kind to people. Every week, they would go to the less-fortunate areas and helped with the charity works over there. Steve’s parents, though both were very highly educated people, did not send their only son and the successor to the company to private schools like the rest.

Instead, they’d wanted Steve to experience both sides of the world and chose to send him over to the local school.

Despite his wealth, Steve was born with a fragile body. He had been a constant subject of bullying in school, which often led Anya to be the one to defend him and eventually became his personal bodyguard.

When both of them were in their first year of high school, it had been then when they met with Emma Green — a cute, shy newly transferred student who had just came back to her childhood hometown after spending years of living overseas.

Anya slumped heavily on the table as soon as she entered the lecture hall. She checked on her watch; eight o’clock in the morning.

Letting out a sigh, she felt her stomach growling hungrily.

Damn. It’s not even ten o’clock yet and I’m already starving! Anya turned to her left, wanted to talk with Emma but stopped when she saw the couple was chatting animatedly about something.

How cute.

Decided to leave the couple alone in their own little world, Anya checked on her phone.

She texted her mother — letting her know that she had arrived to school safely, and that she’d beaten up another gang members who were harassing Emma and Steve again.

Anya knew her mother didn’t approve of her brash way of dealing with bullies, but had come to tolerate her daughter’s behaviours as long as it didn’t bring them any troubles.

So far, zero troubles.

In less than a minute, she received a reply.

‘Okay, dear. Have fun at school! :)’

Shutting her phone, Anya waited for the lecturer to arrive and for the class to start.

It was then she realised the lack of numbers in her class. Where exactly are they? Anya checked on her watch again.

Eight-five o’clock.

She looked around and was surprised to see there were only five of them in the classroom.

“Hey, what happened to the other ten?” Anya asked Emma.

“You forgot? Almost all of our classmates are competing for the National Literature Competition. They won’t be back for at least a week. I think Mr. Hayes was being absolutely unfair to you. You should have totally joined them!”

“Oh, right. Guess that’s why I forgot. Speaking of the old geezer, where is he? It’s already Eight-ten. He’s never this late before.”

No sooner did those words came out from her mouth, someone walked into the room.

Instead of the old grumpy, white-haired ‘wizard’ with menacing-eyes, Mr. Hayes, it was someone that none of them have seen before.

Young, tall and handsome, his hair was silver-grey hair neck-length that parted at the right side of his face, and the rest hang behind his left ear. He wore long black pants, six buttons double breasted tailcoat, and a white laboratory coat, oddly enough.

Dark chocolate eyes scanned all five students before him before a long grin appeared across his lips.When he spoke, everyone, including Steve, shivered at the tone of his deep seductive voice.

“Greetings. My name is Abel Fox. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, Mr. Hayes won’t be able to continue teaching in the university any more. As such, I will be your new lecturer for the Literature Studies from now on. You may refer to me as Mr.Fox.”

The class stayed silence as Mr. Fox opened his Student’s Attendance List.

“Oh, my. It seems that almost all of your classmates are not here due to a competition going on, correct?” His dark chocolate eyes looked directly at Anya.

“What is your name?”

“A-Anya Romans, Sir...”

“Anya Romans. What a lovely name. Well, as in now, I picked you to be the class monitor. Is that all right with you, Ms. Romans?”

One girl lifted her hand. “W-We already have a class monitor. His name is Lucas. Lucas Egans, Sir.”

“I see. Well, is Mr. Egans here with us?”

“No, sir. H-He attended the competition with the rest...” The same girl replied, meekly.

“Very well. Miss Romans, is it? Do you mind being the temporarily monitor for my class at least until the rest of the class have return?”

“If you said so, Sir.”

“Good then.” He closed the attendant list without calling their names. “Since it’s just the only five of you, there’s no point of me teaching a new subject today. Now-”

“Sir,” Steve raised his hand. “I’m sorry to interrupt. But Mr. Heyes had given us an assignment before and we are suppose to submit it by today.”

“Ah, yes. Very well then. Miss Romans, kindly gather the assignments and bring them over to me later.” He continuously kept his gaze on her.

“Sure.” Anya shrugged. She looked away uncomfortably under his gaze. What the hell is his problem?

“Very good. Alright, since I won’t be teaching you a new topic today, instead, I would like you to do something for me. Think of it as a part of an assignment.”

He walked to the blackboard, took a marker, and began to write one word in big bold letters on the white board.


“Now, does anyone knows what ‘Excalibell’ is?”

No one raised their hands.

“Well then, let me ask you this: Do any of you believe in fairy tales? Miss Romans?” Mr. Fox walked to the front from where his stood.

“I don’t believe in fairy tales, Sir.”

“Why is that?”

“Because... I don’t know. I found that all the princesses in the fairy tales are weak and hopeless with an exception of a few, that is.”

“I see. Well, I think you ought to love hearing about Excalibell, Miss Romans.” Mr.Fox returned to the board and began to scribble.

“Excalibell is also a fairy tale. Though, it is not as famous as the other fairy tales which you have heard of. The reason why it is not known by many, it is because it is believed to be protected by magic.

“Magic?” Emma said in an interesting tone.

“Yes. Magic, Miss Green. Hundred years ago, there was a great war between the people in the small lands and a Demon King that wished to conquer the lands. The people of the each lands had then formed an army and fought back fiercely against the Demon King and his army. However, the inexperienced forces were easily defeated by the Demon King. Until a young saviour had emerged and led the people to victory. A young peasant boy by the named of Excalibell Hunts. Later, he united the small lands, built a strong foundation, and defeated the Demon King and his Army. After the war, he was crowned as the youngest and the first King of the Kingdom of Excalibell. For many years and generations, the Kingdom has live in peace, without any threats from the Demon King and his minions whatsoever.”

Anya sucked in the air deeply.

Her heart was pumping wildly and her head was spinning terribly. She felt as if she had heard the story before... But that’s impossible.

Turning her head, Anya was about to whisper to Emma when all that was left beside her was an empty thin air.

“What the — Emma? Steve? Kailey? Judy?”

No one were in the room except herself. Just then, the same seducing voice echoed in the room.

“You’re alone now, Ms. Romans.”

“I can very well see that!” Anya had long stood up from her seat and on her guards. She wanted to demand answers from him, but found herself loss of words when the man came out from the shadows.

His hair had changed its colour, and was no longer silver-greyish. His deep chocolate eyes were cold and dangerous.

“W-Who are you? What are you? Where are the others? What have you done to them? Answer me!”

“My, my. What a ferocious firecracker you are. Asking so many questions in single breath.”

In a blink of an eye, Anya was pushed to the wall, with his hands wrapped around her neck in hand choke. He lent forward and brought his face closer to her.

“Where has the Heir of Excalibell?”

“The... Heir?” Anya gasped, choking on air.

Her pulse-rate quickened. Now she was really scared out of her mind. Scared of what this man or thing, might do to her.

When she didn’t answer him, Aidan tightened his grip on her neck.

“Answer the question, Ms. Romans.”

“I...don’t know what you’re...talking about.. W-what Heir? Excalibell?”

Aidan let out a sigh. He did not losing his grip on her.

“Very well. It seems as I have no other choice but to use it then. So be it.”

“What are you-” Not able to complete her sentences, Anya felt something sharp and painful hit her at the back of her neck.

The last thing she saw was whoever person Mr.Fox was, he was carrying her to the window before a large gloved hand covered her eyes and her vision went to a complete blank.

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