Journals of a Psychopath. By Alex Lawspm



Another taster from my novel

Horrified Harper’s face was pretty and her body lissome. Clothed in the erotic lingerie, I tore the intimate attire from her body. Sacrificing the prey, in the light of the three gigantic black twisted candles, and my shadow dappled over, I whickered.
Slitting the victim open from her neck to the genitalia with the sword, she howled, and died, it increased the urge. Semen ruptured, fulfillment gushed into my body. Lapping the blood darkening her honeyed-part, (Vulva,) coated in her gore, and my face encountered the blood. Sensations of delight rushed, because of the chains around her neck, arms and legs, I kissed her warm lips and screeched with glee.

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