The Syringe Driver – A Release of Life via Subcutaneous Drug



If a syringe driver was a human being, I’d imagine he would be an old silver haired, small friendly looking guy, with silver rimmed glasses, wearing an eerie smile as he smugly quoted Josef Mengele — “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

The real pain starts after the funeral, the silent moments we stand alone, thinking about the fast timeline. The speed diagnosis takes, a few weeks and they are gone!

Is there something wrong with the system, do they seek to end it so soon to save money, is the cost of life too much they don’t want it effecting their budgets, can the syringe driver be simply a tool of euthanasia?

How can palliative care on the Liverpool Care Pathway — be a classed as a Care System — when depriving a person of food or water, knowing full well that a lack of water alone for 3 days: causes death: be deemed Care?

How can filling hospices up with the terminally ill, as I witnessed — until the beds are full, and then applying syringe drivers, over a course of 3 – 4 days until they are empty and then repeating it over and over again — qualify as palliative care?

How can teams of medical staff hide from the sometimes-oblivious truths that “sometimes” the consultants are wrong and what they are doing is sometimes wrong also?

How can the process be justified in the eyes of a humane and ethical society when we deem resolutely — that euthanasia is wrong?

I know in some cases the syringe driver is a godsend but from my experiences, depriving a living human being from water and food, starving them in essence, injecting them with a sedation injection to keep them in line. To then, increase the dosage to complete the process — is not in line with what I have come to expect from a humane and fair society.

Everyone has a right to live for as long as they can and how can others play God and decide, based upon ticked boxes, to then wilfully apply a process detached from empathy and caring — knowing the process they are culpable in, the outcome is already foretold.

The Liverpool Care Pathways has been involved in how many premature deaths in the UK — A number too high for public disclosure I bet! 

Has this same system been adopted worldwide, the withdrawing of water and food once the process is entered?

Most likely based on internet searches.

A Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care system that fails the patients and leaves families like me — feeling cheated.

I know the process; the name has been changed by NICE — The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – but still, leading medical practitioners, especially doctors, say it’s worse than the Liverpool Care Pathways!

Are the medical teams, still blindly following procedures, or have they adopted a more refined approach — to viewing the patient as a person not just a name and a tick box regarding symptoms!

With the new cuts facing the NHS, will they simply roll out new outlines and tick boxes to save further funds regarding palliative care?

If you have been touch by the Liverpool Care Pathways or the new process applied thoughtlessly and sometimes mercilessly — Much love and blessings. Xxx

Life has a way of changing you forever.

Hold your family close; give them all your time if you can, when you can for as long as you can.

You never know how long you have them.  

- Silvia Xxxx

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