Reality and fiction

I hate when reality beats fiction... In my novel the terrorists – which planned kind of a similar attack – were captured before the attack. Unfortunately that didn’t happened in Berlin… My deepest sympathy for, and  greatest solidarity with the people of Berlin, Germany, and Europe!


“Abdullah and his companion’s capture was less spectacular than one is used to from the movies. The German and American secret services worked side by side, a difficult and invisible job, and they were able to unravel the entangled threads of Hans and Abdullah’s passage to the European area together with that of numerous refugees in Syria. The fact that they kept Hans under surveillance 24/7 confirmed their fears: the two were coming to plot an attack. Initially they thought it was going to be in Munich, but then they realized that they targets were in Berlin.

They were taken to Ramstein Base. Abdullah has not said a word. On the other hand, the other prisoner, after many days of intense interrogations, spoke. Hans did it only when they passed from threats to promises. The investigators were surprised to realize how simple their plan was, and how much damage they would have produced if they wouldn’t have been caught in time. They wouldn’t have used bombs or weapons that would have been easily detected. They had secured jobs as bus drivers, in a passenger transport company. They would have behaved exemplary for a few months, and on the National Day of Germany, while transporting tourists to the festivities, instead of stopping, they would have speed up and crashed into the crowd, causing havoc. The damage would have been even higher than that of conventional attacks and panic would have caused people to trample. So the results could have been disastrous.”

(FIRST STEPS. Struggle. Love. Cry. Hope., pp. 243-4)

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