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They were soul mates but destined to drift apart. Their story is a pure example of how one can be poison to each other but food for each other’s soul.

The story of Trisha and Abhay started in the “You have got Talent” competition in California. Trisha was a confident girl and the only Indian in the competition. She being brought up in the U.S.A still her heart belonged to India. Her amma’s (Grandmother) homemade delicacies, her childhood friends, smell of fresh milk from the dairy was still all fresh in her memory. And this dance piece by her was a dedication to all the loved ones in her home land. She being a modern yet religious girl was always intrigued by Indian mythology and hence her chosen dance style was “BharatNatyam.” Her amma being the inspiration in her life would have been very proud to see her today. Her smooth as ocean dance moves and a patron like expressions were a sure blend of a win today. And the thunderous applaud after her performance was a simple testimony of her purity in dance and her expression of love towards it. Being just 22 years and this focus was a trait of a winner according to me.

The competition for Music was held on the other side on the green room, I could see a tall, freakishly thin guy pacing up and down and waiting for his chance. After seeing he sprinting and losing my mind over it his name “Abhay” was called under the violinist semi finals. And after 15 minutes he came back with finally a smile of satisfaction his face. The results were supposed to be announced in next 2 hours and so all participants thought of going to a diner nearby and simulate ourselves as nervousness made our hunger die till the competition wasn’t over for the day. While going to the diner everyone was introducing themselves as they were family for each other for next 2 weeks. Trisha and Abhay being the only Indian origin struck a chord from the beginning. Trisha had that twinkle in her eye and butterflies in her stomach throughout the time which was happening to her for the first time. Abhay sporting his hard exterior was nervous throughout the time as well as one could tell. But anyone could make out the cupid’s action around them and it’s the Destiny which brought them here together far away from their home.

The results were announced and both Trisha and Abhay were selected for the finalists with other five contestant from each of the category. Sky was the limit as they were very close to fulfill their dreams. Trisha was assigned to a mentor named as Rama who has mentored some winners in the past years in this competition. On the other hand Abhay was assigned to a mentor named as Emma who has won this competition 2 years back and now owns two music schools in California. Both were giving their best to win the competition. The Champion will receive a 100 % scholarship in Belmont’s Art school and a prize money of thousand dollars. For Trisha it was her love for art which acted as a catalyst to bring her to this competition but for Abhay it was his need to get away from India. Trisha’s calm composed approach and Abhay’s aggressive dedication was catching eyes of all and they were a definite making of the winners. Their love also bloomed under this competition and both were best critique to each other. The Couple was becoming famous day by day. It was the final day and after their performance they promised each other that whatever the results would be their love for each other will never change. Seemed like even god was showering their blessings and the results were both in their favor and the new champions for Dance and Music category were “Trisha and Abhay.”

Trisha and Abhay were having the best of their time. Trisha has been an independent girl since the start as she lost her father in early age it was only mother and her as a family in California. Her amma did used to visit them but then she couldn’t leave her roots and finally died in Humpi (her home town). Her mother was only family left and her focus as well. It was her mother who supported her to take dance as a career only if she could prove herself. And as we all knew she very well did. Both Abhay and Trisha rented a house together near their college as they both didn’t believe in wasting time in travelling. The only time apart they spent were when they were in classes respective to their subjects, otherwise they were always together. Some of the students even gave them a name as “Adam and Eve.” They were the epitome of love and also a source of jealousy to a few. But who cared, well they didn’t for sure. They believed in “work hard and party harder” and all of their friends used to hang out at their place for any celebrations, weekends etc. They did not have a big home to themselves but was enough for their love to blossom. A small bedroom in the east corner, a small garden and Trisha’s favorite Red Hibiscus was their sweet little home. Trisha has even introduced Abhay to her mother and she liked her daughter’s choice in an instant. Her mother only had one problem as he never used to talk much about his family. Abhay did not have a normal childhood as most of us had. His mother died while giving birth to him and his father drowned himself in bourbon after his wife’s demise. Even he could not last much longer and died when Abhay was thirteen. Abhay had to move with his uncle who used to own a grocery store in Bangalore but his perils did not end there. He treated Abhay like an unwanted creep sucking onto his money and food and did not leave a chance to make him realize it. The only ray of hope for Abhay was his violin which was gifted to him by his father in his sober times and playing it was the best way to forget his misery and to find some peace. This was the reason Abhay told that he wanted to be away from India as much as he can. That was the last time they have discussed this topic and was never talked about. Trisha had only two aims in her life – one to become a famous BharatNatyam dancer and to always be with Abhay. Their love was as fresh as it was on the competition day, still Trisha used to have tingling sensation whenever their feet used to touch or she caught him staring at her. In the mean time they both have also started fusion classes where they used to teach Bharat Natyam on Violin music which slowly started to gain fame. Till the time of graduation they both were the owners of a school named Tribha with various teachers as associates who wanted to do something different. If you see from a third person eye they had a perfect life. They were leading a life that every boy or a girl dreams of in their twenties. For them they never belonged to a society and their rules. They never got married but never felt the need of it. Trisha’s mother was happy seeing her content and her father’s void was now filled by Abhay.

It was their second anniversary and Trisha was in the best of her attire waiting eagerly for him. There was some restlessness in her but a tinge of happiness as well. It was late, Abhay had never been away till so late. It was getting dark second by second and Trisha was getting tensed now. She started calling his friends but no one knew his whereabouts. She even called her mother and she came as soon as to pacify her daughter. She felt a hole in herself and knew that something was wrong. All their friends came along and spread out to look for Abhay. His car keys were still in the house so he could not have gone farther, was only a consoling thought to them. Trisha remembered him saying that he is going out for some important work. She thought that he was planning a surprise so not to ruin it she stayed in kitchen and not see him off. She could hear his exact words and that was driving her crazy. Soon her friends came back with no information on Abhay. They decided to lodge a complaint and in the morning they went and filed a complaint and gave his India address and uncle’s details for interrogation. Trisha and her mother came back from the police station with hope of some news but there were no messages in the answering machine. She sat near the phone whole morning when the phone rang, she was hopeful but also terrified with what news will be waiting for them. It was the police and he had called them to the station. Trisha, her mother and a common friend went to the station and that covering the distance was a perilous one for all of us.

We reached there and what we came to know shocked us. It was information of Abhay or I should say AMAN as we were told. Police had found out that whom we used to think was Abhay, his real name was Aman and the story he had told about his uncle and parents was all a lie, a big lie. The address he gave was a butchers shop since 1800 and no Abhay or Walias have ever been in that area. The picture that you showed us has come up with various open cases with different aliases across India. When interrogated these people we came to know that Abhay or Aman is none other than a CON ARTIST and an identity thief. Abhay Walia that we all know has died in a car accident four years back. The reason that he wanted to get away from India was to not get caught as he has 4 open cases against him and his M.O. was to spend 1-2 years with the party and finally ran away with all the money and assets to never come back. It was then when Trisha had lost her temper and started abusing the police to humiliate a good human being to hide their own incompetence and she rushed out. While driving back she was adamant that her Abhay could not be Aman as she knew that their love was true. She went home just to find out that Abhay’s clothes, shoes were all missing. This was just a start of her life shattering in front of her. She checked the bank and realized all the money from their only account (Joint) and assets have been cleared off last week only. Trisha being so naïve never kept a track of the bank account and opened a joint account on Abhay’s advice as she did not have to do all these tasks. All things started to fall into place of what police has told. Abhay was a last minute entry in the violin competition, in school his basic purpose was to start his own school and never had any of his childhood pics with his parents and their home. Trisha understood that she has been conned. For Abhay it was just money but Trisha was conned of her emotions and love. Abhay did not realize that he was just not fooling Trisha, her mother or their friends but also someone who was to still open eyes in this world. Yes, this was the news that Trisha wanted to give Abhay on their second anniversary that she was pregnant. After a lot of thought she decided to go ahead with the baby as a single mother as for her the love, the affection was real. And then you were born Tribha. Yes, you were named after their only symbol of love as their school which somehow Abhay or we should call Aman have made Trisha the whole and sole owner.

Today you turn 21 and hence I had to tell the story of your parents which I have witnessed from the very first day. Yes I was your mother’s friend who came along with her in the competition and stood second. I was also with your parents in the Belmont’s Arts School. Trisha tried to compose herself but could not. It was the first thought as she woke up. It was the strangest feeling ever. She had taken the decision that she will go to some place where nobody knows her so she thought that nobody will hurt her again. So she gave me your responsibility and left for a place that only she and her mother knew.

I am not telling you this story to lose your faith in love because I know that your parents love was the purest form for any of us to experience. And I can say this because till today I receive two cheques every month of 1000 dollars each anonymously sent for you. We all know who one of them is but the second one I would like to think is Abhay. Yes, he is a con artist but what if his love for your mother was real and after realization he went away so that his past doesn’t haunts both of you. You have full rights to know your parents and as I would suggest they both love you also. Sometimes I feel like someone is watching over us or see a blue van on your birthdays regularly. I never approached him/ her but I know they are looking after you.

Now can you please come outside your room, your friends must also be on your way for birthday celebrations. And a gift from my side is an address for you and the end of this letter. It’s your wish to go to or not to, to decipher the code known as life or not.

Just remember — They were soul mates but were destined to drift apart!!!

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