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"Why did I start such a journey after such a lucrative career in construction?" You might want to know a bit more about me – here’s my short version.      A few years ago, I was one of the many. Totally im...

"Why did I start such a journey after such a lucrative career in construction?"

You might want to know a bit more about me – here’s my short version.



 A few years ago, I was one of the many.

Totally immersed in the culture of materialism and acquisition; working tirelessly to own the next big thing, sacrificing my time simply to do so.

Materialism we are subtly conditioned to from an early age to crave – the latest gadgets, new cars, bigger houses. Society has a lot to be blamed for and the social engineers more so.

"A culture such as materialism requires only one thing in return — all of your time."

Time spent working and planning, time apart from family, friends and yourself to some extent.

Time totally focussed upon what’s on the oncoming horizon and simply forgetting to really pay attention and look around. To sometimes see how people are changing, aging and more importantly — struggling.

My moment of clarity came in 2008, a moment when I realised, life is more about family and friends, more about all those wonderful moments we simply take for granted, when we become totally immersed within the materialism and acquisition arena, which is so insidious it reaches nearly our every waking and sleeping moments.

Sometimes, grief changes you in small insurmountable ways and you can never go back to being who you once were.

The whole process started through one word many are not really fully aware exists as it does not really appear within normal conversations.




 In 2008 after enduring grief myself, I thought, what if I could produce a similar product line such a memory book as those priced extortionately (£400 ), integrating catharsis and offering it for others enduring grief and the emotional trauma it brings. I created Amour South Yorkshire.

Catharsis (from the Greek κάθαρσις katharsis meaning "purification" or "cleansing") is the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.



 Through research, I found Grief has 5 stages.

The Kübler-Ross model, or The Five Stages of Grief, is a series of emotional stages experienced when faced with impending bereavement or bereavement of someone.

The five stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

What if through developing various platforms to create a means of providing catharsis at some level, could we help those enduring the many diverse emotional conflicts one must endure, to help them bypass the first 4 and reach Acceptance quicker.

Whilst creating all the product lines, we slowly realised it’s not only the end product that truly matters to some extent, but the whole process.



 By been immersed within a project, selecting the photographs and in doing so, opening memories connected to a treasured moment, helping to slowly replace the darkness grief can bring with memories filled with love, which in turn, help to disengage slowly from all the negative emotions involved.

It seemed an inspired idea. We now have product lines starting at only £12.99 as compared to £400 WITH a donation to a wonderful cancer non-profit charity within every price. We created products with realistic and affordable prices to make this platform available to everybody needing a memorial treasure.

From Photobooks, to Portraits – it’s not just the end product that’s important but the whole process.

But why choose such a strange looking word?

How does this process work?

A word which seems strange as one does not normally encounter it in any usual settings but if introduced and understood, could do so much more for helping one attain a plateau of inner peace and tranquillity at some level.

"Let us help you revolutionise your emotional state of being or help others you may know."

Within each selected photograph and the many you may need to search through whilst deciding which ones you want to use, you will involuntarily start reminiscing, recounting all the many stories embedded within each one, you come across.



 The laughter, funny and iconic moments caught in time, forever encapsulated in colour or black and white.

Whilst fully immersed in this process, the memories, recounting stories, unbeknown to you, is the simple fact you are on a slow pathway to Acceptance, and helping to transcend some of the other painful elements connected to grieving, as identified by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-American psychiatrist.




 It’s an emotive concept but by entering such a process imbued with a multitude of memories and stories, one slowly begins subtly, to change ones emotional state, picture by picture, memory by memory, and tear by tear as one slowly approaches the Acceptance stage.



 We then simply magnify this personal journey by capturing all those wonderful memories within the selected product line, and then enhancing those emotions even further by a charity donation, to be a crowning glory.

A simple process but with a deeper understanding of the logic behind it, one can create a form of self-healing at some level, through a simplified cathartic process.



 Let’s breathe that beautiful narrative into being!

 Our concept of catharsis which was born in 2008 has evolved as all concepts do.

It now stands for Hope.

Together with whichever form of catharsis you choose, you bring Hope wilfully back into your Life.

By choosing to change our deep-seated emotions, we create a newer reality, fully immersed in Hope and with new thoughts swirling within our minds we can then approach the World with a different perspective, somewhat renewed, ready for newer challenges and opportunities.



 Trying to create a new means to challenge the difficulties grief can sometimes bring has been a long process but with the hope of changing just one person’s life, we persevered, seeking to innovate simply by trying to develop something for others to use.


Change your Emotions,

Change your Life.



"Sometimes Knowledge can replace Fear but enlightening the mind without cultivating the heart is no education at all."

For us who have been through grief’s many challenges, if we can be the light bearers for others entering the darkness grief can suddenly bring, we should if we can, light as many torches as possible simply to light the way for others, for we have unfortunate experience.



 As we get older, I myself am now 44; we all face one of the sad inevitabilities of Father Time, the painful realisation that we are unfortunately going to lose those we love at some point in our lives. I personally have lost my late father and beloved sister to cancer.

I too myself, have seen many suffering such pain on a personal level and on social networks, family and friends enduring such a painful journey involving bereavement, suffering in a kind of misplaced silence due to been brought up in an apparently uncathartic society which through its various mechanisms, conditions oneself to be brave and not to cry or express emotions at some level.

"Sometimes the cathartic release is seemingly totally taboo and for most, laughter is the only form of culturally acceptable release of tension."

Although tears among adults are accepted as an inevitable response to great traumas such as bereavement, the tearful ones will often be seen trying hard to contain the tears that will insist on pouring out, while the sympathetic bystanders, however supportive they are, nevertheless, expect that sooner or later these efforts at control, should become soberly successful.

 We all need catharsis to release those inner emotional states for if we don’t, they can cause such profound pain on so many levels for others and ourselves.

We should never be afraid to cry for tears are the silent announcers of Hope, the heralds of Acceptance and the battle cry of Endurance.

Our Memorial Range hopes to bridge that pain, a means to change ones internal emotional state to remembering with love and helping to transcend those other negative emotions grief can sometimes bring.

 We all need a helping hand in coping with situations beyond our control and a famous quote, “Knowledge replaces Fear,” sometimes resonates within this sphere.

Have we been subtly conditioned, and our own viewpoints of the Worlds seemingly indelible requirements into not showing emotional vulnerability, when faced with trying times, and are we forgetting something that can offer respite and comfort or consolation, in a time of great distress or sadness?

Have we merged into nonautonomous social human beings seeking solace in the vastness of the social media theatres we now occupy instead of seeking to create our own means of consolation?




 The whole model of our Catharsis process is to separate oneself from the huge juggernaut that lays beyond, hidden within the Internet, held only at bay by those small lettered keys that once typed, opens up a portal to a myriad of voices into which yours could be lost forever.




 Instead to start a process created in a peaceful ambience either alone or joined with family or friends, revisiting memories and stories, quiet reflections and intimate moments shared by few.

A moving process disengaged from the inquisitive eyes of others, but simply helping to create a personal journey towards the slow road of Acceptance. A journey created out of Love and pushing Pain and its inherent baggage, to one side at least for a little while.

There are two constant variables’ in Life - Love and Pain; a characteristic Latin mode of expression which I just love, encompasses which one should always win:

Omnia Vincit Amor (L) Love Conquers All




 "In the midst of our lives there comes a silent tipping point, do we continue insulated in our sometimes materialistic lifestyles or do we seek to help others?"

"We have many different product lines and its simply the mindset that defines how the clients uses them, and if we can create platforms to help someone needing something to help them upon whatever journey they have embarked upon – we have at least done something."

If you wish to visit our In Memoriam Facebook page, simply press here.

Thanks for reading so far and to the end!

"Have a wonderful week of inspired moments - we only get one chance!"



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